Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Work-in-Progress Wednesday - 22 May 2024

 I have been working on things! 

Kairic Acolytes and Tzangors - all Age of Sigmar models from assorted Warhammer Quest games.... I finished off a batch of these this past week, that I'd started ages ago, then I rebased the rest on to flagstone bases to get the rest done while I still had momentum (and could remember the colours I'd used with the others!

While making flagstone bases and rebasing the Kairic Acolytes and Tzangors, I also rebased a bunch of other things... 

Like the rat swarms from Warhammer Quest: Cursed City! Starting with painting the base... because... REASONS?! 

and the Vyrkos Blood-Born also Warhammer Quest: Cursed City! Again with the starting with the bases!?

and an assortment of Heroes from all three Warhammer Quest games that we have!

I even dug out the dreaded Zombies from Warhammer Quest: Cursed City! 

I really gearing up to finish up ALL of the Warhammer Quest miniatures this summer. I'm planning to finish up enough of the Silver Tower stuff to play first so we can start playing through THAT campaign... While playing through that, I'm going to finish up the rest of the Silver Towers stuff... then the Shadows over Hammerhal... then the Cursed City stuff... and hopefully play those through the summer, fall and winter. 

Not completely taking a break from Warhammer Underworlds warbands... but trying to spread them out a bit. getting one done a week was a bit overwhelming - not just in terms of painting, but also in terms of PLAYING (mostly the playing!) each time I finish a warband I feel like I need to play it... but if I'm finishing one a week, I don't really get a chance to play any ONE warband enough to get a feel for it and I was finding that frustrating. 

So... taking my time on the next few and focusing on Warhammer Quest so I can play a bit more with Zondara's Gravebreakers and Grinkrak's Looncourt and Skabbik's Plaguepack... (and maybe Wurmspat!) 

Back to things on the workbench... 

Grombrindal, The White Dwarf... ALSO starting with the base... and not loving it so far... Maybe I need to TONE DOWN the rust on EVERYTHING!?

Four Picts!? 

Khorne Bloodcrushers. These are the ONLY Khorne models I have left to finish. I've started rebasing some of the others (because they were originally one very 40K specific bases and I wanted to rebo them on more generic ruin bases so they could look right in both 40K and AoS... 

There's a part of me that's been thinking about picking up a 40K Chaos Daemons Combat Patrol (which is basically MORE OF THE SAME Khorne Daemons that I already have - less Karanak) because they are so quick and fun and maybe I could get in on the 40K and/or AoS escalation leagues at the Warhammer Store!? 

What is WRONG with me!? 

Karanak, The Hound of Vengeance, is also getting a new base... 

A pair of Reaper Bones giant rats. I have a half dozen more of these. I was just doing these two as tests and will likely base and paint the rest at some point. 

A wild assortment of tokens and familiars from all three Warhammer Quest games, I think... Definitely stuff from Silver Tower and Cursed City here... 

Grot Skuttlings - one I did as a test to see if I could knock them out quickly... and... I might... These are the main thing I need to finish (along with the Kairic acolytes and Tzangors) to start playing Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower. 

Assorted Stormcast Eternals. Three of them are Domitan's Stormcoven (warhammer Underworlds Warband), the other is one of the characters from Warhammer Quest (Shadows over Hammerhal?)

Teh Gaunt Summoner from Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, and a Chaos Sorcerer, which, I think, came with Warhammer Quest: Shadows over Hammerhal...? I don't think I need the Gaunt Summoner right away because I'm pretty sure that is who the party faces at the END of the Silver Tower campaign - as the Big Bad Boss of the whole thing... 

I did clear a FEW Warhammer Underworlds warbands off the painting desk, as I was clearly NOT getting to them any time soon (and really needed space for all the Warhammer Quest stuff!). Hexbane's Hunters, the Crimson Court, The Exiled Dead, The Shadeborn, and Myari's Purifiers have all been moved into "on deck" boxes near the painting desk... They join the Gnarlspirit Pack, Gorechosen of Dromm, Ylthari's Guardians, Grashrak's Despoilers, and Skaeth's Wild Hunt - which were already in said boxes.... 

STILL on the table are Zarbag's Gitz, Spiteclaw's Swarm, Skittershank’s Clawpack, and Domitan’s Stormcoven (above) as well as... 

Brotherhood of the Bolt - these went from near the bottom of the list to ones I'll be finishing sooner rather than later after seeing them played over the last few weeks. I'm not convinced they're going to be amazing... but they look kind of fun and goofy, so... right in my wheelhouse! 

Thundrik's Profiteers! Thundricks was very much in danger of being moved into storage with the others... They've been taking up space on the workbench for AGES and I've done very little work on them... I like the idea of them - Their original deck and their basic stats are not great... but I was HOPING with ONE of the newer Nemesis decks I might be able to put SOMETHING together to make them somewhat playable?! But I kept getting hung up on how to paint them - so many bits and bobs and details... but in that latest White Dwarf I picked up there was a step-by-step how to paint Kharadron article and I said: fuck it... I'll just do them like that... sort of... (kind of a SIMPLIFIED version of the ones in the article... just to GET THEM DONE!) 

Headsmen’s Curse - only because I have done SOME work on them in the last few weeks... They might be the next to go in storage... 

In the background of most of these pictures above, you can probably see that Zarbag's Gitz and the Squigherd and the two Skaven warbands  (Spiteclaw's Swarm and Skittershank’s Clawpack) are still on the workbench as well. They didn't get pics of their own as ZERO work has been done on any of them in the last week... 

Which will I finish up first...? Hard to say... Maybe the Kairic Acolytes and Tzangors... they are the least closest to being finished, but since I just finished a batch of those I have the idea in my head and want to keep momentum on them and get 'em done! 



  1. Wow! That's a LOT! :D
    I just finally managed to get some little frog guys primed.

    1. Yeah... when I take the pictures and type it all out... it suddenly DOES feel like I've had a bit more of a productive week than I'd imagined...


  2. Very productive! I have Cursed City in the basement, still in shrink wrap. I should probably crack it some time...

    1. Ha-ha! Well I am glad to know I'm not the only one who has taken this long to get around to playiing! Thanks!