Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Work-in-Progress Wednesday - 29 May 2024

 It doesn't look like a lot has changed on the workbench... a lot of what was on the workbench last week, is still there and not much has changed.. I did paint four Picts last week and finished up the bases for five whole units of Picts.... So I haven't been entirely idle! 

The four Picts brought me to 80 28mm foot figures painted so far this year, only five shy of being in the black, in that category ((i've purchased 84 28mm foot figures). Overall, however I'm feeling pretty good. I have ONLY purchased those 84 miniatures, and while I've only painted 80 foot... I have also painted four tanks and a Scout Sentinel and PILES of little markers and bits... Shortly I should be ahead with the painting versus painted in the 28mm foot category as well, so.... feeling pretty good about that. 

I haven't played any games for over a week and a half, however, and that's causing motivation to flag, somewhat... but I should be meeting some people to play at the Warhammer Store this Friday, so... Hopefully that will get things going again! 

Here's what's on the workbench... 


Still working on a handful of Warhammer Quest Heroes - from all three sets (that we have!)!

Also working on a few Gryph Hounds - two of which are companions for two of the Characters from Warhammer Quest, the other is from one of the Stormcast Warhammer Underworlds warbands I have a bonus copy of... but I thought I'd do it as the same time as these others... 

Not on the WORKBENCH, per se, but I did borrow Finnegan's Warhammer Quest games (Silver Tower and Shadow over Hammerhal) and did some organizing and reading and sorting - to figure out what I do NEED to have done to start playing... Really hoping we can start playing Silver Tower sometime in June! 

Gaunt Summoner - the main adversary in Silver Tower - and a Chaos Sorcerer Lord ( from Shadows Over Hamerhal, I think...?) 

Six Tzangors for Silver Tower - including the one I finished last week (because I'm going to do their flesh differently and I'll fix the finished one while I'm at it so they are more uniform!)

MORE Kairic Acolytes - also for Silver Tower (though I think some came with Shadow Over Hammerhal) 

Eight Grot Scuttlings (one is missing from the picture!) - also for Silver Tower.

An assortment of markers and familiars for various Warhammer Quest games. Eight of these are needed for Silver Tower. 

There are also two Skaven I keep forgetting about... they're mixed in with the two Skaven Warhammer Underworlds warbands I also still have on the table... 

I haven't entirely dropped Warhammer Underworlds... As mentioned, I still have the two remaining Skaven warbands on the table.... I just haven't done any work on those in weeks. Also, as seen in the background of a few of the pics, Zarbag's Gitz and the Squigherd are still on the table... 

I did do a little bit of work on Thundrick's Profiteers this past week... 

As well as the Brethern of the Bolt... 

A small bit of work has been done on Grombrindal... 

There has been no work done on my stand-in for the Chaos Gargant... but I've moved him back onto the table, hoping I might just make a final push and finish him up so we can try playing the Chaos Gargant Scenario for Warhammer Underworlds soon! 

That's about it for this week. 

If I finish up any of these in the next week, it will probably be the gryph hounds, or one or two of the Warhammer Quest Heroes (Glaurio ven Alten III and/or the Dark Oath War Chief), or the Chaos Sorcerer Lord (even though I don't need it right away), or the Kairic Acolytes and Tzangors (keeping the momentum going from the ones I finished last week... Maybe... 

Or, who knows, maybe inspiration will strike and I'll figure out a way to fix what I'm not loving about Grombrindal and finish him up to take to Warhammer Underworlds night on Friday... or I'll push through and finish up the Gargant... Maybe both!? 

What's everyone else working on this week!? 

Or have on your workbench daring you to finish it!?


  1. Alas, I don't have a workbench during the week, just a desk.......(the downside of being a homeworker). I have to wait until Friday to clear the IT equipment away.......and then find the energy to paint!
    That said I tried to do a little after work, on the edge of the desk.....
    Still painting flats; more Swiss....

    1. Ah, that's hard...

      I know it's not possible for everyone (and so consider myself quite lucky to do so), but I've always tried to maintain SOME kind of permanent-ish workspace. It vastly increased my output - being able to have a place I could just sit down and work for, like, five or ten minutes when I had some idle time.

      If I had to dig everything out from a storage space and clear off a table to desk and set it up and them put it all away after... I would probably never paint again! (or I would do that once, but forget to put it away, leaving it on the kitchen table forever much to the annoyance of my partner!?)

  2. I am trying to organize my drawers and pitch impedimentia on my desk because I am getting some of the Hobbyzone stuff Saturday. It's taken me forever to find a workable desktop solution and I think that is is.