Saturday, May 18, 2024

Grombrindal, The White Dwarf

 Wasn't really PLANNING on doing this... buuuuuut.... 

I bought White Dwarf #500 this weekend....

...AND the special Grombrindal, the White Dwarf miniature  

Largely because the White Dwarf had rules (and cards!) for including Grombrindal in ALL THE GAMES: Warhammer Underworlds, Warcry, Age of Sigmar, and Warhammer Quest. All games I am interested in playing right now(though some more than others!) 

(already have him assembled!)


  1. Yay, dwarves! I'll look forward to seeing him painted.
    I have a couple of older metal white dwarves from back in the day.

    Oh, I also just backed a set of dwarf metal minis on Kickstarter. As if I need more dwarves. :lol:

    1. Thanks!

      You probably won't have to wait long, he looks super fun and I imagine I'll have him painted within the week - if not a few days!

      ON a somewhat Dwarf-realted note; I gave away a BUNCH of elves a week or so ago to a friend who really wanted to give me something in trade. None of the stuff he had on hand were of interest to me (MORE miniatures?!) and he's been such a generous person over the years and handed off things to me he no longer needed. I was happy to give away some elves I knew I would never get to. I did happen to mention to him the ONE THING I'm kind of looking for was an older Games Workshop Dwarf champion/king/leader/cogsmith.... anything really... Because I have a handful of old GW Dwarfs (Longbeards and Thunderers) that I'd like to use in Warcry, but don't really have an appropriate leader for them (sure I have loads of dwarves from other companies that could pass as a leader of sorts, but none of them really have that LOOK of GW Dwarves)... and he said he probably had one squirrelled away somewhere! The one he described might have been one of the EARLIER, mertal Grombrindal miniatures! So, hopefully, I might have another to paint soon!

      I guess THIS Grombrindal could lead them in a pinch (his stats were included in the White Dwarf magazine!). But I just don't love mixing metal and plastic minis in a skirmish warband... I know it's silly of me... but that's just how it is...

  2. Hey, that's great, looking forward to seeing this guy painted. (although I sort of wish they had sculpted the guy on the cover)

    Is the special issue of the magazine any good?

    1. I don't know... It's a White Dwarf... it's a 192-page advertisement for ALL THE WARHAMMERS! Sure, there are a LOT of really amazing and inspiring photos and a bunch of scenario that might be cool if I regularly played AoS and 40K... Bit of a retrospective of 500 issues of the White Dwarf... The cards and rules and scenarios for Grombrindal were fun and, really, the main reason I bought it.

      I haven't bought a White Dwarf in years. If you are a very regular player of ALL THE GAMES... or just like some of the games and make too much money... it's probably worth it.

      The only thing I'd been reading in it for a while had been the 2-3 page Path to Glory segment (about Warhammer Underworlds)... and that just wasn't worth it for $14!? Especially when there are blogs and podcasts and youtube videos with much better content for free!

      I bought eight of them the other day, though... because they were back issues my FLGS was blowing out for $1 each!?

    2. Certainly worth it for $1 each! I do feel that the current price per issue is too high.

    3. I mean, there IS a LOT of content in each magazine... I can sort of understand why it costs that much... but on the other hand... I kind of also feel a little like it IS just a 192 page advertisment for their products, so maybe they could subsidize that just a little bit...? Ha! Maybe I'm just turning into a cheap, cantankerous old fucker...