Friday, November 21, 2008

Painting Update

A few more things rolling off the painting production line…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

I’ve been mostly working on terrain this week. I want to make a ruined cityscape for playing any number of skirmish possibilities; Mordhiem, Stalingrad (or any other battle in a ruined city in Europe during WW2…), etc…

The one that I have completed, however, is for my generic mud-brick village set (usable from Africa to Afghanistan, and beyond! I’ve also been working on some free-standing walls to place between buildings and offer some more options for that set… They should be done in the next day or two – then I’ll get some shots of the village with all the new bits…

The final Commando of my cold war Canadian Airborne Regiment (shown here with the other two commandos in the background). Now all I need to do is make a CO stand and some observers and support stuff…. Mortars… ground mount TOWs… Those will all take some modeling so I might get working on the rest of the mechanized infantry battalion next. Or work on something completely different….

A combination of painting that last batch of John’s Descent figures, stumbling across a blog with some HOTT armies, and a desre to clean up my basement wargames bunker (there has been a stack of assorted GW Fantasy plastic sprues I got in a trade floating around the room that really needed a permanent storage spot – I decided they would be easier to store if they were assembled and based!) got me thinking about my own fantasy stuff. I started pulling out the drawers of stuff and seeing what I needed to finish up HOTT armies and get a general sense of how many left-overs I’d have to base individually for skirmishing and dungeon crawls… There were a couple things I took notice of that I thought would be quick and easy to “get out of the way” and this was one:

These are Trolls from West Wind Productions Dwarf Wars line. I picked them up dirt cheap in Edmonton a couple years back (like 75% off!). I should have bought everything in the bin – I did buy three regiments of Elves, but left a couple regiments of Orcs… fie… Anyway, I’m not sure how to classify these in HOTT, They’re not exceptionally “large” so I’m not sure about classifying them as “Behemoths”, “beasts” maybe…? “Hordes?” It's been too damn long since I've seriously looked at the rules, let alone played a game... I have two others; they’re on separate bases. I need two more stands for a Warmaster unit of trolls. I thought I’d pick up two more trolls from the local game store to fill out the remaining two stands (they have a lot of Reaper Stuff).

Finally an Epic Marine Drop Pod for my Future War Commander “Marine Corps” Force… should I ever get it done…

I'm hoping to have a productive week next week as the following Monday, I learned yesterday, I am going in for surgery (which I am more than just a little freaked out about) and might be out of commission for a while. Hopefully I'll be back to my usual manic productive self by the new year, maybe even the holidays...?


  1. Yikes - I'd be freaked out too... not sure what one says to someone going into hospital - I suspect not "break a leg"... :o))

  2. "Don't die!?"

    I don't know...

    thanks, though!