Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Arsenal of Communist Aggression expands FURTHER!

A while back you may remember I was trying to trade away some 15mm Great War stuff… Well the stuff I got in trade arrived this last week:

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

In addition to the stuff I had originally listed I also got rid of a few surplus 15mm WW2 things and some ACW stuff. I would have been happy for a battalions worth of the East Germans the fellow I was trading with promised. I there was enough for an under-strength regiment I would have been tickled pink… What I ended up with was almost enough stuff for a full strength DIVISION!!!? GADS!!

So a big, BIG thank you to Mr. Donald R Maddox Jr of Texas!

If that weren’t insane enough, he also sent even MORE 25mm Romans for John’s part of the trade!?

I’ll be organizing the East Germans as two full-strength regiments and using the extras to reinforce assorted units of Russian or East-bloc equipped African or Middle East armies…

I’ve already painted up three stands of Mortars to equip my Soviet Motor Rifles.

Three shots of My East German Divisional Commander (CO) stand – the fellow with the wedge cap looked more Russian to me so I did him in a Russian camo suit and am calling him a Soviet “advisor” (Note he’s standing slightly behind the commander with a pistol in his hand….)

Also this week I finished up two Command (HQ) Stands for my 20mm WW2 Russians. These are old Platoon 20 figures that were produced under license by Rafm.

I also retrieved my half poured musket mould from John – as I’ve got some new rubber of my own I can pour the second half with – hopefully get on that this week. I’ve also did a little bit of work on the new masters I’ve been working on and started a couple new 20mm masters over the last week or so (they are destined to be more Canadians and FRENCH – to help stem the tide of the communist hordes!).

I also started painting some of John’s Descent figures. Watch for some pics next week.

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  1. Nice to see the comrades have a good home! Nice paint job as always Tim!

    Don M