Thursday, July 3, 2008

CANUCKS! …and other stuff...

Well this hasn’t been a particularly productive week for hobby stuff ORriding. I’ve had a Pilonidal Sinus infection (basically an infected pore just above my tailbone) – which has made it rather uncomfortable to SIT (…one a chair – strangely enough I was completely fine sitting on a bicycle saddle!?). Anyway it got so bad that I had some minor emergency surgery yesterday to get an abscess drained – which, I have to tell you, was even less fun that getting the old sniperoo – which was absolutely no fun at all.

My doctor said it’s most common among cyclists and people driving jeeps!? When I asked her what she meant about people driving jeeps she said it was first medically described affecting soldiers driving their jeeps around in the desert… Hmmm… wonder if that could have been the LRDG…!? I can’t imagine how much THAT would have sucked driving thousands of miles across lumpy bumpy rocky deserts with one of those on ones backside!?

Anyway, on the mend now and I should, literally, be back in the saddle again in no time. Just hope I don't have to go back to get the sinus removed - that seems like it would be even LESS fun!

Despite all that I got some new rubber and was very anxious to try it out! I made two moulds for the two 20mm 1980’s Canadian infantry men that I made.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These actually had to be painted STANDING UP (as in I was standing up while painting them as I could not sit down!). I screwed up the mould on the advancing figure – but was able to get a couple

The lads on the left I painted in camouflage smocks of the Canadian Airborne Regiment. The other stand could be any other infantry unit…

I’m really quite pleased with them actually. I’m already planning to do a few more – probably three kneeling poses; one with an SMG, one with a Carl G, and one with a GPMG.

Next I’d like to work on some Cold War French and some generic looking guys in helmets with AK-47-ish looking rifles that could be Russians or Chinese or Africans… and finish up the Seven Years War figures I've been working on.

I also finished up an observer team for the East Germans – they were actually painted last week when I did the others but I didn’t have enough base goop to finish them off.

The first of John’s Descent figures. These are a pain in the bum to paint – in more ways that one!


  1. Nice work on the Canucks, and the Red Scorpion, and the other minis!
    I like collecting and painting minis from real companies, but there's also a different (deeper?)satisfaction from sculpting and casting my own that I am really enjoying.

  2. ..could you share the casting/moulding process you use with us? I read the posts on making your masters with interest - be good to see the end of the process?? Like how you make the moulds, do you drop cast, etc...

  3. I totally meant too, but then I was in a bit of a rush so didn't with these. When I get to making moulds for the SYW figures I definitely will take my time and document the whole process.

  4. Take care in your recovery, Tim. (And I'm working on getting you some scenarios for single KV1s and 2s from the "Campaign Skirmish" booklet series.)

  5. Second the well wishes for the recovery. That particular affliction is, well, a pain in the arse!!