Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cold War Canucks!

…and French too!

I finished up a batch of my new 20mm modern figures last night.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

A batch of Canadians – the Firing and advancing figures I had done a week or so back, but I have added three kneeling figures one with an FN, one with a Carl G, and one with an SMG (I’m not sure what the Canadian designation for the Sterling was…?)

These lads will be part of a mechanized outfit as soon as I assemble a couple of M113s!

I’ve been re-thinking how I’m going to organize my forces for Cold War Commander. I think I’m going to try maneuver elements (under an HQ) being companies; with infantry units being half platoons (so 6-8 stands per company) and vehicles being full platoons (so three or four stands per formation).

The forces we were using before were just a bit too unwieldy.

I had finished only one of my French masters when I was making moulds last week… The prone one… So I have only a single stand of them so far but I’ve been eyeing up my VABs and plotting. I have four more infantry masters in the works. All are armed with the FAMAS.

It may LOOK like I’m not working on John’s Descent figures… but I AM! (I just haven’t FINISHED any to take pictures of and post…)

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