Thursday, June 19, 2008

Introducing the Talented Mr….

…Uh…. Well… I don’t have a name for this chap yet actually… but I’m getting the urge to run some Savage Worlds Pulp Adventure again…

This fellow is from the Artizan Designs Trilling tales line. I think they call him Professor Walcot. I’m not sure I’ll use him as a professor – I’ve got plenty of those already. I’m thinking more of a writer type…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I started some armatures to make a few new 20mm masters – going to do a couple more Canadians and maybe some ‘80’s French or some generic Soviet equiped troops… I also ordered a new tin of RTV so I’ll be back to sculpting for a bit (and CASTING!) as well as painting some Descent figures for my pal John in Calgary.


  1. I offer for your use the name of Dr. John Kaler (last name spelled a bit differently). Dr K was a university professor with my father and although a nice guy and gentleman, was very eccentric. He was single, did not own a car, and walked everywhere he went (reading a book most of the way). One Christmas, his mother bought him a construction worker's helmet with a light on the front so he could read when he was walking at night!

  2. My suggestion is . . . C. Arthur Billingsly . . . the "C" being short for "Conan" (which embarasses him terribly of course).

    And he is never just "Art" . . . no, he's a full "Arthur" to his friends; "Billingsly" to most other acquaintances.

    -- Jeff

  3. Thaddeus Ficklethorpe is my suggestion.

  4. Thanks for the suggestions guys! I will use all three at some point or another!