Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Tigris Viridi - Warhound Scout Titan

A second, old Armorcast Warhound Titan arrived in the mail for me a week and a half ago. It's really all I've been working on since. By this past weekend I thought I'd settled on colours and had most of the green and purple painted...

Then I decided the green was too dark after all...

Not nearly enough contrast -and looked positively dull next to Pardus Purpura...

And so I started again with MORE test bits and settled on a lighter colour

And started all over again... mostly...

I have to say I'm much happier with the lighter colour now.

So this is Tigris Viridi. Commanded by Princeps Mozzer. The crew is rounded out by two Moderati; Moderati Joyce (Steersman) and Moderati Marr (Sensors, Communications, Weapons) and two Tech Priests Ro-Urk350 and Pom-Fret681.

Tigris Viridi joins it's partner, Pardus Purpura in the Eritque Arcus Maniple of Legio Amare Feles.

Pardus Purpura is commanded by Princeps Smythe. The crew is rounded out by two Moderati; Moderati Cooper (Steersman) and Moderati Gallup (Sensors, Communications, Weapons) and two Tech Priests 0-Donnel and 6-Abrels.

Some pretty pictures for scale.

Working in tandem with Pardus Purpura and some armour from Tallarn.

Some infantry added in for scale.

Yeah... I'm not sure any sane infantry or tankers would want to operate THIS CLOSE to a Titan - even a smaller, nimbler one like a Warhound. I mean, beyond the possibility of getting trod upon by it, anything that's actually shooting at it is going to be laying down a world of hurt to anything that happens to be in the immediate vicinity!

Tiger Stripe pattern from above.


Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Wish I could say we'd get to see these in action, but I really have NO IDEA when I'll ever get them on the table. I mean, it's 150 Power Level between them. Last year's Chapter Approved increased the point cost to 2000 EACH!?

If not before then, in a little less than two weeks all our regular activities will be wrapped up and we'll have a week and a bit of nothing much to do - and I REALLY hope we get a LOT of gaming in then! Maybe I should get some painting done for some of the games we'd like to play! (Mice & Mystics and Rogue Trader!)


  1. So... It's now occurred to me that if I were to field these in 40K (er... WHEN, I mean; "WHEN I field them in 40K"... sometime...), I will have to field them as two separate Super-Heavy Auxiliary Detachments - with no command point bonuses... If I DID have one more Titan, I could field them as a regular Super Heavy Detachment (3-5 Lords of War, All units must be from the same faction - Adeptus Titanicus - and I'd get +3 Command Points)....

    Time to start keeping an eye out for one of the old Armorcast Reaver Titans...?

    Of course that force would be 270 Power Level - or 8000 points!? Not sure how often I'd actually get to field that!?

    1. Yes!

      Then you could later round that out with a further two warhounds to have that complete maniple.

      Could these old warhounds take current warhound weapons? Then you could get some variation.

    2. I don't think the weapons for the Forge World Warhound titans would fit - at least not without a fair bit of converting...

      I know they were some other weapons made for these original armorcast titans - there was at least a Plasma cannon of some sort....? maybe a melta-gun-type-thing...?

      I'm not sure I'd really WANT anymore Warhounds - even if I had limitless time and money. I'll probably keep my eye out for one of the armorcast Reaver titans. If I could find one of those for a reasonable price, I might pick it up. Mostly just because it would be fun to paint and have... I doubt I'd EVER get to actually field them.

      I also like the look of the old armorcast Eldar titans. They pop up on eBay from time to time. I bid on one recently, but it went for a bit more than I was willing to pay.

    3. The old Eldar titans are awesome because the old Eldar designs are awesome.

      The reaver would be great to add, even if it is a bit mad to grow the titan force when you do not think you will ever use it.

      Then again, once you have it, you have to get it out to play!

    4. I have one of the old Armorcast Eldar Tempest "Heavy" Grav tanks. I say "heavy" because, despite (in "epic" scale") it being much bigger than the smaller falcon grav tanks, it is about the same size as a modern plastic 28mm falcon... it looks wicked cool, though.

      Pretty much all of the Eldar I have are old "Rogue Trader era" space pirates armed with everything from shrunken guns and pistols to lasguns, hand flamers, plasma and melta guns and all manner of other weapons they are no longer allowed to take. I have a few of the early aspect warrior figures as well... It's the "next project" - after I finish all my Guard armies...

      If I had an Eldar Titan - then I'd have an opponent for the Warhound titans! The Phantom Titan is 140 Power Level!

      And a Scorpion Grav Tank (closest thing I can find to the Tempest - as it's main armament is a "Twin Scorpion Pulsar") is 32 Power Level...

    5. Yes, the Tempest is a cool design, but as you say a bit small these days. You could probably "modernize" it a bit with some added fins and swoops. Basically if you grafted a Falcon forward hull on the front, and those extra vane bits from a fire prism you would be most of the way there.

      Not sure that it would be worth the effort to be honest, but it would look cool!

  2. Tim, this is another outstanding display of your talent with a brush! Superb!

    1. Cheers! I have to say, this was actually pretty easy to paint - compared to newer GW models. I mean, there are FIVE parts to this thing. The newer knight kits have over 100 parts that have to be glued together and painted...

  3. Absolutely glorious! You've picked a colour scheme that is perfect for the chunky 1990s kits - vibrant and eye-catching. Lovely stuff!

    1. Thanks, Axiom! I figure titans(like marines) need to stand out. They want you to know that they know that you know exactly where they are and that they don't care that you know, because they're just THAT bad-ass!

  4. Love it.

    I think you chose the first (lowest) colour on your test part but I think I prefer the more acid green that's 3rd. Either way, it looks really good.

    1. Cheers!

      The one I ended up using was the one that's second from the top. I liked the one on the bottom, but it's a Reaper paint and is pretty translucent - it would have needed 3-4 coats to make it look like a solid colour. the one I used was Vallejo Lime Green (I think it was called Lime Green...? it's a Vallejo colour and didn't need nearly so many coats!).

    2. Oh, so you did use the one I preferred. Interesting that it looks much less acid on the model. Would that be a factor of tinting to produce lighter areas?

    3. Probably just different lighting in different areas that I took pictures. The picture of the samples was taken in my basement where I paint that is very poorly lit - by light bulbs. All the finished pics were taken in the back yard in natural light on a bright, but overcast afternoon.

  5. Brilliant work! Definitely eye-catching! And the final color scheme of the green tiger stands up well next to the pink panther.

    1. Thanks.

      I'll have to go with a bright turquoise for the next one....

    2. ... y'know... if I ever got another one..

  6. So... I kind of just won an Armorcast Reaver Titan on eBay... I was a little shocked - I totally expected some last minute sniping (well, last minute sniping in addition to my own last minute sniping...) but only one other person bid on it.... and they just bid the starting bid... So I got it for about the same as I paid for each of the Warhound... which is about the same as a modern plastic knight!

    So, when this arrives... and I get around to painting it (as if that isn't going to trump anything on the workbench!) I'll have a full Super Heavy Detachment worth 290 Power Level or 8000 points!?

    It seemed like a good idea at the time.

    I blame all of you. Enablers, the lot of you!

    (I love you all!)