Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Just a Quick Update – More 40K, etc.

I had hoped to get some Seven Years War stuff painted as we approached the period in my history reading with the kids… but we just blew past the Chapter that covered the Seven Years War this past week (which also covered the later wars of Louis XIV, The War of the Spanish Succession and the War of the Austrian Succession…) Last Monday we started in on the American War of Independence (it seems there were TWO chapters covering that…?!) and ended the week with the French Revolution. This week we’ve started with Steam and Coal in England and the Rise of Napoleon… I think we end the week with the Downfall of Napoleon and the War of 1812.

I’d like to have lingered in the 18th Century a bit longer, but I’m on a mission to finish this volume before the New Year. We will return to the period – and others we didn’t get to explore thoroughly enough – when we finish up the general survey of history.

What I HAVE been working on is more 40K stuff…

(All of the figures pictured in this post are from Games Workshop. They are © and ™ Games Workshop and painted by myself and posted here entirely without their permission.)

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

A few more Jungle Fightin’ Imperial Guardsmen; one squad plus a few extras for Other squads and Special Weapon teams.

Two not-so-jungle-fighter Imperial Guard platoon commanders.

I’m not a fan of plastic slotta bases. A look around this blog will tell you I base most of my (individually-based) figures on washers. What these guys are commanding, however, are hoards of plastic Imperial Guardsmen on plastic bases. If I put them on a washer – like I do with most other metal 28mm figures – they would be considerable shorter than the troops they command!?

Two Imperial Guard Crewmen. I did one in the jungle camo in case I ever wanted to have a Sentinel crewman dismount and run about.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

More of the same – the last of the Jungle Fightin’ Imperial Guard…. Other Not-So-Jungle-Fighter Imperial Guard stuff… maybe even some Eldar, Chaos, Space Marine and Orky stuff!?

It’d be nice to get in a game or two as well… 

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