Friday, February 5, 2016

New Toys

I placed an order with Black Tree Design at the very end of last year (there was a huge sale – like, 50% off stuff… I was weak…). It finally arrived today (via UPS, unfortunately…).


Most of this was earmarked for Frostgrave, Lion Rampant/Dragon Rampant, or A Song of Blades and Heroes

For Lion Rampant (or Dragon Rampant… if I feel like fighting fantasy foes…) I ended up with:

2 units of Foot European Men-At-Arms (6 each)
1 unit of European Crossbow (12)
1 unit of European Archers (12) (+4 more to flesh out existing units of bidowers)
1 unit of European Spearmen (Foot Yeoman – 12)
1 unit of European Billmen/Halbardiers (Expert Foot Seargeants or Yeoman – 12)
1 unit of European Serfs (12) (+4 more to finish another unit I already have
1 bombard and crew… not really for Lion Rampant… I’m not sure why I bought it…?
1 unit of Muslim Archers (12)
2 unit of Muslim Spearmen (12 each – actually one unit I ordered only has 8 as I have four random muslim command types I can add to the unit to make 12)
1 unit of Muslim Mounted Sergeants - on Camels! (6) actually these are from the fantasy Saracen range and are a little fantastical looking… I hope I can make them look at tad more historical and make use of them (they were 50% off – the actuall historical cavalry was not…)

For Frostgrave (or any other fantasy skirmish or RPG, really… but I had Frostgrave in mind when I ordered them… almost all of them are actually from the Hundred Years War line – as in the Lion Rampant units above – I thought the padded armour looked like it might double as cold weather clothing!):
4x Crossbow
4x Infantrymen (Billmen)
4x Men-at-Arms
4x Archers
2x Templars
2x Knights

I picked up Reaper Miniatures Legends of the Sands Boxed Set on Boxing Day at the Dragon's Den (though the one I picked up was older stock and didn't have the fancy carrying case...) and thought I might use them for Frostgrave warbands (or perhaps “Dustgrave”…?) so I picked up a few more of the Medieval Muslims and fantasy Saracens for those warbands:
8x Men-at-Arms/thugs
4x Crossbowmen
3x Archers/Rangers

Other stuff included:
9 Halflings for either SoBH or Dragon Rampant (filling out units of archers or mixed Yeoman – or light foot or whatever they’re called in Dragon Rampant - or scouts/bidowers)
1 Mounted Sorceress (could be for any Fantasy skirmish/RPG – but I thought I might add her to one of the Lion Rampant retinues to add a fantasy element when using it in Dragon Rampant).
2 goblin + 1 Orc Shaman (Dragon Rampant… or SoBH…?)

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Probably a Frostgrave Game report as we’re planning to continue our new campaign either Saturday or Sunday evening. 


  1. When BTD offers a 50% discount, it is time to back up the truck and take on a load of lead.
    The camels are great beasts!

  2. Replies
    1. I like to think of it as a "saving spree" and consider how much I saved and would have had to spend to get the same batch had I not waited for the annual 50% off sale...

  3. Very nice, Tim - get 'em painted, mate ;)

    1. On it.

      Well... assembling, basing, gluing on shields, etc... I hope to have all (or most, at least) on bases and primed by the end of the weekend. Perhaps next week I'll paint a few. I do have OTHER stuff already on the workbench which I should finish up...

  4. That's a cracking haul Tim! Interested to see what you do with the Legends of the Sands Boxed Set. There's some wonderful sculpts in there.

    1. A few of the ones in the Legends of the Sands boxed set are pretty nice... others are a bit of the goofy side... but I'm not so particular as to be offended by their inclusion.

  5. Quite a weighty delivery, Tim. I also cringe when I see shipping by UPS; is it because they are cheaper than USPS or FedEx?

    1. UPS does a good job delivering stuff here. If things are shipped within Canada - it fine. When they bring anything across the border into Canada they charge exorbitant "brokerage fees"...

      Black Tree has never shipped stuff via UPS before - it's always been USPS or Royal Mail (depending on whether it's come from the US or UK). So I was just a bit surprised. Also I have never had anything shipped via UPS from England before - which is where this order originated. I'm not sure why they did it...? Perhaps the weight of it would have been too expensive to mail via Royal Mail...? Perhaps they just wanted to get it to me fast. I placed the order the last week of December and I have a feeling they were rather overwhelmed with orders and decided to try and get these later orders as they got them cast to the customers quickly before they got too irate... not that I get irate about things taking a while - especially when there was such a big sale...