Monday, June 19, 2017

Odd and Sundry Bits

Below is a collection of an assortment of odd and sundry bits that have been haunting the periphery of my work area for some time, partially painted, that I’ve recently –  over the last month – finished off… but didn’t feel any one group necessitated a post all of their own… or maybe they all could have, but I was feeling lazy…?

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Two English Civil War cavalrymen. One, on the left, is from Old Glory the other, on the right, is from Perry Miniatures.

The two finish up a unit of heavy cavalry for The Pikeman’s Lament.

An English Civil War musketeer casualty from Perry Miniatures. You can’t see it, because it’s hidden by the grass, but he’s sitting on his musket.

A Teutonic Knight Casualty from Gripping Beast. The beginnings of a Teutonic Knight retinue for Lion Rampant. I have two units of Mounted Men-at-Arms and an assortment of pilgrims and clergymen and a bunch of cavalry to paint up for the force. Well… some of the clergy are already painted… I’m not sure what I was thinking when I decided to pick up the knights… seemed like a good idea at the time…? I’ll probably need to pick up some Mounted Sergeants and some more foot for the force at some point… maybe when I actually get some of the other units finished!!

First two of the Reaper Bones 3 Kickstarter, which arrived a couple weeks ago, that I’ve “painted”. There wasn’t much painted involved – other than the base.

The Wizard I actually have a not-so-translucent version of – so I can make him “invisible”.

I’m not sure why I ended up with the invisible/translucent dude with the hammer…?

Three Lead Adventure Miniatures post-apocalyptic survivors.

Two more post-apocalyptic KGB from Lead Adventure Miniatures. I finished the others from this set back in February

A Grenadier Guards Officer from Miniature Figurines Winter of ’79 range.

Three female police constables also from from Miniature Figurines Winter of ’79 range.

Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath from Reaper Bones 3 Kickstarter. I got all the big mythos creatures out of this set. Painted up this guy as an adventure I’m prepping to kick off a Cthulhu Invictus campaign involves a Dark Young…

With the wizard for scale – he’s pretty damned big! Shub0niggurath herself and Dagon are even HUGER?!

A terribly out of focus shot of three Grymm sniper specialists from Hasslefree Miniatures. Their camouflage was so good the camera could just not recognize what to focus on…

Are the Grymm supposed to be like Space Dwarves…? I think so. But given that hasslefree minis are on the slightish side, I though they might fit in with one of my units of Imperial Guard Ratling snipers.

Unit of Ratling snipers. They’re still on the slight side… maybe female Ratlings are smaller and have tinier heads than the males of their species…? I probably should have converted their boots into big feet to match up with the GW guys a bit better… ah well…

That’s it for me for now. Need to do some planning this week and figure out what I’m going to work on in the coming months…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Game Plan 2017: What’s Next…?


  1. That's a good and random assortment! It's good to clear off some of those odds and ends that seem to accumulate, isn't it?

    I was looking at some of those Reaper Bones "minis" in the game store this past weekend. Tempted by some, but I am trying to get some of my current minis painted up (or at least trying to paint more than I buy for a while. You know how that goes. ha ha) (I'm not counting incoming kickstarters, because most of those were pledged and paid for months ago.)

    1. Cheers!

      It is good - especially the ones that finish up units - like the ECW Cavalrymen!

      I have FAR TOO MANY half painted minis sitting on the workbench - or in little boxes nearby - that part of my brain considers "actively working on" but in reality haven't had any paint added to them in weeks (if at all) and realistically I won't be getting to them any time soon! I really need to do a big clean-up of the workbench and surrounding areas in the basement and start over with a fresh clean table. I need some SPACE to spread out all my Jet Bike Bits and start constructing those!

      The stuff I'll admit I do like about the bones are the GREAT BIG MODELs - like the Dark Young or Shub-Niggurath - that would be prohibitively expensive if cast in metal - or even resin. And the fun little things, like the translucent figures. I like that I can buy a tonne of them (well... a few kilograms, at least) for a not-totally-insane price and let the kids go at them and not have brain seizures when they take 10 seconds to slosh paint across them and call them "finished". For me, though, I do still prefer metal miniatures.

    2. I agree with you on all counts! I'll opt for metal whenever I can, even if it costs much more. When the only choice is plastic or resin, or resin with added metal bits I will make do (and usually add washers to the base for added weight and stability).

      I'm not a fan of assembling models, especially ones with small parts that you can't really pin easily and/or don't fit well and that don't have enough surface area for a good bond, and I have seen some plastic versions of minis these days that come as single pieced models, while the metal ones they are based on are multi-part. That's another case where I would at least consider plastic over metal.

      Still, plastic has some good uses - I like plastic bits for making modifications of metal figures and weapon swaps and such. :)

    3. For sure!

      I actually think some of those models that were multi-piece metal models are still multi-piece plastic models - but they've been preassembled/glued at the factory in China!

    4. Ah. Well, pre-assembled/glued works, too, if it's done decently.
      I have some metal dawrf minis that came in pieces that have to be assembled. Why did they have to make the feet separate from the body? No reason from a casting perspective.

      I have had some metal minis that assemble pretty well, such as the Iron Mask dwarf musketeers and some steampunk brass monkeys some time ago. So I know it can be done well. And sometimes it's necessary given the way something is sculpted. But overall I'd rather not have to deal with assembly. Sometimes it means a mini gets tossed aside (into the bits box or "lead mountain" and never sees a lick of paint).

  2. Hey Tim, I always love your updates. I'd like to know what you use to prime your Bones minis? I'm getting ready to paint 25 orcs and bought some Army Painter spray Goblin Green color primer. I was wondering what you used and what you thought if the Army Painter primer. Thanks?

    1. Hi Ickybod! Thanks for stopping in. I use a paint-on black gesso (Golden Acrylics) as a primer for just about everything (which I then cover with a coat of black paint before finally painting on colour). Sometimes the gesso beads a bit on the bones miniatures, so I have to brush over it a few times - not extra layers - just spreading and re-spreading until it sticks. More recent Bones have been better at taking paint. I've never used Army Painter primer so I can't say one way or the other. sorry I couldn't be more helpful...

  3. That invisible wizard is cool
    So is everything else too

    1. Thanks James!

      At one point I saw someone was making knock off Predator miniatures in some translucent material - can't remember where I saw them - wish I'd picked up some of those!

  4. The cavalry looking awesome. Others too :)

  5. Thanks Michał!

    (just don't look to closely at the cornet - it was a bit rushed and not one of my best examples...)

  6. Great job, wonderful figures, love the cavalry and this brilliant idea of invisible figures!

  7. Jolly nice figures you have there. Those ECW chaps look the business.

  8. Nice ECW types, I do like the post apocalyptic figures they're great, not that the rest of the eclectic post aren't either!
    Best Iain