Monday, April 22, 2019

Gangers, Preachers, Wizards, and Slugs

Taking a break from the Eldar to finish off a few things that have been lingering a little too long on the periphery of my painting desk...

The Lot of them.

Additional Cawdor and Delaque Gangers for the gangs I've already painted...

The complete Delaque Gang.

I'm not bothering with a picture of all the Cawdor Gangers so far, as I have another batch of them still to finish up...

Necromunda Esher Gangers. Actually only four of them are Esher Gangers (three of which I recently picked up from Airborne Grove)- the one I'm using as a leader is actually Mad Donna - a hired gun, and the one in Purple and Green (second from the right) is an old Judge Dredd Perp that I've had forever (and recently stripped and repainted).

Preachers and Missionaries from the Adeptus Ministorum. I'm not sure why I based Uriah Jacobus on the rounded plastic base....? I was probably thinking he'd be a "leader" of this lot and needed something bigger... but didn't have a bigger washer...? Or perhaps when I picked him up I was thinking he could be part of Amanda's Battle Sisters - until she said "No way! Only chicks in this army!"

Here they are with the other two preacher/misionaries I have.

Ah... as I type this up and look at the pictures I suddenly realized I didn't paint anything on Uriah Jacobus' banner! I was thinking of the "I" and skill motif of the Adeptus Ministorum...

Giant Slug-like critters from the Kill Team: Rogue Trader box... slowly getting through a few of these...

Dwarf Wizard and Apprentice. The Wizard is from Lead Adventure Miniatures, and, I think, the apprentice is from Black Tree Design. My friend John got talking about playing Frostgrave again and I was looking my Dwarves... I also painted up a couple of torchbearers a few weeks back - to use as thugs or thieves... I should probably figure out what I'd use in the party and figure out what others I'd need. I have a BUNCH of these Lead Adventure minis still to paint - which would all be so fun to use in a Frostgrave adventure party.

Young lad with a big-ass wrench from Lead Adventure Miniatures.

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I actually played a game of 40K last Wednesday with Other Tim and have a half written game report I should probably finish up...

Lots of Necromunda Gangers (Cawdor and Ratskins... mostly...) and Grey Knights and some Chaos stuff and odd and assorted other bits flooding the painting desk at the moment.


  1. That's a nice miscellany! The preachers and dwarfs are particularly good. I'd be hard pressed to say I 'like' the slugs, but that purple really works well for them!

    1. Thanks!

      Yeah, those space slugs (or warp slugs?) are kind of gross...

  2. A wonderfully eclectic bunch mate. Very nice indeed.

  3. Nice varied mix, the Imperial preachers are great and your space slugs look rather useful!
    Best Iain

  4. Lots of great stuff there! Uriah could have some text about the Emperor if you wanted to go that way and not the icon.

    1. Cheers!

      The icon seems easier, and I'm feeling lazy these days... so lazy I might not ever get to painting anything on it for a bit...

    2. "lazy" he says after painting 20+ miniatures. ;)

    3. Ha! yeah... it's all relative, I guess. I FEEL lazy for not getting to it right away!