Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Game Plan '07 Progress Report

Well part way through the week 1 of the new plan and here are some pictures already.

Of the things to be done this week....

1. Finish off the Russian infantry battalion I have sitting on my painting table. DONE! Here they are:

(Remember, click on pics for a bigger version)

The new battalion

The new battalion joined by the rest of the brigade for review.

I have one more battalion of Infantry to finish off the two regiments of the brigade

4. Paint three Chinese infantrymen to finish off third battalion. DONE!

Here are the three Chinese Soldiers I needed to finish off the first three battalions of Chinese.... Didn't take a picture of them of parade... maybe next time...

2. Finish painting the Chinese SPAD
3. Prep, assemble and prime the remaining Russian infantry battalion and Cossack Regiment

Still in progress. Here is a picture of the work station:

The Cossacks and their horses are in the foreground and being worked on. the final battalion of Russian Infantrymen are off to the right. In the distance you can see my Chinese SPAD and beyond them are chinese figures being marshaled for preping, basing and priming (next weeks project)

In addition the the scehduled projects I have put the finishing touches on a couple of other things that were still sitting on my workbench needing a finishind touch or two:

the new Aviatirx figure from Artizan Designs. I picked this up to use as Amanda's Savage Worlds Pulp Adventure character; Josephine Pink! (Should she ever get to play with us again....).

A Nieuport 17 in Imperial Russian service. Maybe Miss Pink will fly this someday...

I also painted a spare Russian infantryman as a White Russian mercenary in Chinese service. "The difference being...?" You might be asking yourself, well I painted the lower legs to look like putees rather than boots, painted on a armband like all my Chinese Warlord's troops have and painted the Chinese five coloured star on his hat instead of the imerial cocade.

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