Monday, May 7, 2007

Mayday: Part One

Friday Night: Canvas Eagles

This past Friday I rented a car and drove up to Edmonton (Alberta, Canada; ~500km Northwestish of the gaming center of the universe: Saskatoon) for Mayday. First off I have to give a big thanks to Mr. Bob Barnetson for putting on a spectacular convention. It was overall very well organized and a whole lot of FUN!

Anyway I got into town just in time for Supper and toodled on over to the War Room (the one in Edmonton, not the one in my basement) for some Canvas Eagles .

The game was a maniac ongoing mega air battle with up to a dozen players or so at any given time. As planes got shot down you just brought on a new plane or new players rotated in. The winner was to be the first player to shoot down three planes – or whoever was still alive and had the most kills when the game wrapped up.

On turn two my first pilot in an SE5a got shot down. Bob, who was running it, just told me to start again at the edge of the table. So, on turn three I flew on again…. Straight into a hail of bullets and watched my second pilot go down. One of them was a pilot kill – in addition to other damage… I can’t remember what exactly brought the other one down.

Twenty-minuters…?! Hell, I’m more like a twenty-seconder!?

I was out of the game for a bit as it was getting popular and other people cycled in. A number of turns later I flew in again. This time I was flying for the Fatherland in some version of an Albatross. I had this miraculous ability to, no matter what I did or where I went, I always ended up in SOMEONE’S sites… every damn turn! After about four turns every one of the square boxes on my engine, fuselage, wings, AND tail were all crossed off (i.e. just shy of critical damage on all of them!)! Must have looked like a flying block of Swiss cheese! Then someone, Tom I think, shot me up again and set me aflame! I spent three futile turns trying to put the flames out (and, of course being shot at by others!) before bursting into a ball of flame and smoke.

I was certainly the first to have three planes shot down… that’s got to count for something!

Tom of Red Claw Gaming was the victor shooting down three huns! BOO-YAH TOM! (…and a little plug-ola for you brother!)

Mr. Chris Van Tighem eyeing me suspiciously out of the corner of his eye. CVT started out with a DR.1 and hung in there for quite a while. Eventually he was shot down and came back on as a Zeppelin and made a mess of the RFC!

More of CVT and Bob’s wee planes.

Stay tuned for more! Coming up next is Part Two; Saturday morning's Savage Worlds Pulp Adventure game!

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