Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fallcon Savage Worlds Playtest

Had some of the local Savages over to do a final play-test of my Savage Worlds: Pulp Adventure game for Fallcon – which is less than a week away!

Because I don’t want to give too much away (and I’ve still got painting to do!) this will be a very brief teaser report – look for the full Game report form the convention in just over a week.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

A couple of the Local Savages (from left to right); Darrin starring as Jonathan (“Jock”) Hamish MacDonald – the famous Scottish Antiquarian, Jeff P. starring as Nathanial Smith – rugged explorer and adventurer, Andre starring as Marcus Andres – First Mate of the S.S. Persephone.

Lloyd starring as Proffessor Donald K. Stephenson – world renowned expert in ancient languages and architecture.

That’s me, I play the evil Nazis!

The players had a bit of rotten luck straight off the start as they encountered a band of angry natives which took out the foru crewmen from the Persephone that came ashore with Andres…

A Giant Constrictor attacks jock MacDonald. Marcus Andres comes to his aid. Professor Stephenson makes his way into the ruined temple.

Jock MacDonald, having clubbed the giant constrictor into unconsciousness, turns his attention to the angry natives along with Nathanial Smith. Professor Stephenson begins searching the ruins for the Golden Idol!

Der Ubersturmfuhrer confronts Stephenson and Smith. Andres, out of focus and in the background, has just shot Gunther – one of the pair of Gestapo thugs – enfuriating his partner Hans!

Jock MacDonald brawls with Mason Roberts, the famous American collector of antiquities, and Karl Von Kindershisse, Gestapo Agent.

The rotten luck continues – Nathanial Smith encounters a SECOND band of angry natives and is chopped down!

Roberts and von Kindershisse overcome the burly Scotsman and turn their attention on Professor Stephenson. Hans is chasing Andres about the ruins wanting to avange his partner.

The Nazis mow down the angry natives that surge through the temple after killing Smith.

Professor Stephenson has found the idol ans is trying to escape from the island before the volcano blows. His way is eventually blocked by Hans the Gestapo thug. The professor defiant to the end mocks the foolish Nazi lackey and points out that it is too late – No one will get the idol as the whole island begins to tremble….

The play-test went really well! We played out 18 turns in about three hours. We all had a really good time and I’m pretty confidant it will go over great at the convention. Um… all of the players characters did actually die…. So they, obviously, didn’t get away with the Golden Idol, the objective of the mission; this was due to some rotten luck on the encounters, some further horrendous luck in the search for the idol, meshed with some insanely lucky rolls on my part in combat with them… They were also a bit short -handed, only four playing whereas I had planned for five or six. If I get only four players at the con I think I'll give them each an extra benny and/or dropp one or two of the nazis.


  1. It looks like a lot of fun, I can't wait!

    Dibs on Marcus Andres...

  2. You got it!

    Really, who else would I let play Andres...?

  3. Great write-up, Tim. You have a nice brace of games for the con - have fun!