Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Plans for October - Taking Stock

Well as another convention approaches and another project finishes up I’ve been giving a lot of thought to “what next?” So much as to cause some distraction and slow the completion of said projects (Here I am less than three days until I head for Calgary and I’m STILL painting figures!! Well actually I’m finished painting the FIGURES, I’m just finishing up bases now….).

I had been thinking I’d like to get a regular game night going in October but now I’m thinking I’d like maybe take the month off gaming and take stock and make some long-term gaming/force building plans.

So when I get back from Fallcon next week I’m going to start taking stock (and pictures!) of all the figures I have, making a list of what I still need to paint, and what, if anything, I still need to get to finish off any forces I currently have. then I'll try and come up with some sort of outline or plan to complete said forces in something resembling an order of priority or whatever...

I’m also going to get started on some cold war forces I’ve been picking up lately – and I’m sure I’ll pick up some more at the Sentry Box when I’m in Calgary.

Maybe I’ll get a couple Blitzkreig Commander or Cold War Commander games in.

We shall see...

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