Monday, December 21, 2009

Elves and a Unicorn

Well… some Elvish Spearmen and and a Unicorn Clan Samurai-ko

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

As I mentioned before I’m working on finishing off all my Games Workshop plastic Elves (and eventually Dwarves) so I can dispose of them (through trade or sale) as complete HOTT armies.

Now this may seem odd – considering I want to get rid of them – but I just won a GW High Elf archmage on ebay… The thing is I have no GW mages for my elves and it would seem wrong to sell or trade away a “complete” HOTT Elf army without a single magician stand…!?

This is a female samurai from Hasslefree Miniatures painted up in Unicorn Clan colours as I have a feeling Amanda may play a Unicorn Battle Maiden in our Savage Worlds Legend of the Five Rings campaign I’ll be starting in the new year.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Two piles of goodies arrived in the mail today… an order of Samurai from Perry Miniatures and some METAL Elvish Knights…. Too many really… I bid on two lots hoping I might win one, but expecting that I wouldn’t win either let alone BOTH!!

One lot is ten old-old-old citadel High Elf Illyrian reavers (like, so old that not only are the horses are metal, but the shields and spears are metal and cast on as part of the rider figure himself!?).

The other lot is eight old Grenadier Elvish Knights – these are GREAT figures – I’m just not sure whether I should base them two or three to a base. They’re not so absurdly huge as the GW knights so I probably COULD easily fit three on a base…. Of course I have eight… not a multiple of three… I could just do two stands, make the odd one a hero with a little converting. I’m not all that fond of Knights in HOTT anyway…

The “Illyrian Reavers” look a little less High Elf-ish… they might all get based two to a base and become the core of a Wood Elf-ish mounted contingent (for a future Wood Elf army…?). Thus they will likely be based two to a base…

Oh in one of the other lots that arrives last week I picked up some Ral Partha Elvish Horse Archers – to be riders for my High Elf army…

So many elfie things to paint…. (sigh)


  1. I always find it worthwhile to buy the right figure to fill out an army for sale. Makes the army sell faster and for a higher price (based on two experiments with identical armies excepting one special stand I sold several years ago).

  2. Funny you have no Magician in your High Elf army -- I dont either!! There are just so many cool minis to have in the army I dint find the points to add it, but I am deteremined to get one in eventually. Which model did you end up adding? Take care and awesome blog btw - I'm about to start my own and am taking notes!

  3. Oh, I have mages for my Elf army. It's just that I was planning on getting rid of the GW plastic element of my elf army - which is about half of the currently painted stands - and I didn't have a mage to include in the army I'm planning to sell/trade away.

    I actually have three (painted...). I don't often use all three - but sometimes it's fun to bust out the triple-wizard-combo.

    For the first HOTT campaign I ran last summer, the player that was making use of my elves elected to not take any wizards. He did pretty good with a hero and two riders - over half of his games he won by galloping around the flanks and capturing the enemies stronghold!

    Glad you like the blog!