Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oh dear....

Two large ebay lots arrived today.... blowing the whole painted-to-purchased ratio all to hell...

One lot - which was completely Clan War stuff - consisted of 139 foot, 25 mounted, and 16 great big beasties (multipart nasties that I would put in the same category as "vehicles"). The other lot, which also included some clan war stuff, but also contained four packs of mega miniatures, added another 64 foot, 13 mounted (8 centaurs, 5 Naga!) and another 2 dragons and a dude on a flying carpet!?



  1. Well you are arsed early in the year! Do you recover from this setback or just give up?

  2. I think I'll just give up. Eff this whole hobby. I think I'll delete this blog in a couple minutes...

  3. At least there is a little variety in that lot.

  4. There certainly is variety... I have a little bit from every clan... goblins... oni... Dragons... an arabian harem... megaminis modern firemen (20 guys for $3.... how could I pass that up!? It's worth it for the lead!)

    Seriously it's not that big of a deal. I'm a pretty motivated guy. I get shit done. I can show some restraint and probably won't be buying TOO much more for the rest of the year... The biggest problem I have is where to start!? And what was I thinking getting interested in feudal Japan!? This corded armour crap is a pain in the ASS!!!

  5. "I can show some restraint and probably won't be buying TOO much more for the rest of the year.."

    Famous last words ;-)

    (Pretty sure I've seen this sentence before on your blog, though. Or was it mine?)

  6. 19 Big Beasties!!!


    Looking forward to seeing them ;)

  7. Yeah, I'm not really looking forward to painting them...

    - a reaper Cavern Dragon (which I have to say looks really damn nice - clean cast - peices go together really easily... it might not be so bad)
    -An older Ral Partha Hydra Dragon
    -A Clan War Water Dragon (in addition to the Clan War Drgon of Air I picked up a couple weeks ago)
    -Three Kyoso No Oni (in addition to the two I already had) (If any body wants one.. or two...)
    -a pair of Oni no Tsuburu
    -a Couple Oni no Kamu
    -an Oni no Akuma
    -two more Oni no Tadaka (again... already had one...)
    -Radakast (a ginormous Naga constrictor dude...)

    So LOTS of oni/demonic beasties....