Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Indians and Aliens

A couple more odds and sods rolling off the workbench today…

Those of a gentle disposition - please avert your eyes!

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These are some North American Indians (or “Natives” or “First Nations Peoples”…) from Old Glory. They will be used with my Seven Years War British and French. I think they're classified as "Auxilia"... I had originally thought perhaps "Warband"... But Auxilia works fine as well - moves quickly, not super powerful, fights good in bad-going, etc.... I'll eventually have some others that are three per base and all musket armed to use as jägers as well

Sometimes I just love Old Glory… cheap like dirt (well, compared to many of the other options out there…) and occasionally you get little gems in a pack like this “British soldier being scalped” vignette….

These, I think, are some sort of Kryomek(?) aliens. They were easy, and so now they’re done!

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I have too damn much stuff cluttering my work bench once again… I need to clear it off and come up with a better system – like having only one thing on the workbench at a time and – maybe a stand or two or three of the same stuff, or a squad’s worth of skirmish types – and leave them there until they are DONE and add nothing else to the workbench until they ARE done… When they’re done select next item from the “on deck” box…

Maybe tomorrow…


  1. Not to belittle the real-life horrors of the frontier, but those scalping models are excellent! Last month I forwarded a web comic featuring the Death of Montcalm to my dad. I thought it was funny, but my dad replies, "Montcalm suffered terribly. He took grapeshot into his stomach while trying to rally his men at one of the gates to the city. I believe he took two days to die, all the while knowing he had lost Canada for his king." Can't horrible suffering be funny 200 years later in the form of models and comics?

  2. I have started doing something similar - working on 3 PCs/NPCs or 3 monsters at a time, unless it's a big job. It just works out better that way for me. I keep the rest of my unpainted lead downstairs and my primed PCs/NPCs stay in the carrying case until I'm ready to paint.

    I'm almost through all of my current primed PCs/NPCs, then I'll have my new 7 from Mega Minis, then back to the monsters! I still have my Grenadier Hirelings set to paint as well... I think I'm around 70 or 80 that need paint.

    3 at a time.. and I have so little time...

  3. Magua will eat White-Hair's heart.

  4. ...but not before putting his children under the knife so that he knows his seed is wiped out forever...?

  5. Andrew - thanks for the link to the comic - I thought it was damn funny!!

    Chgowiz - yeah small bites seems like a better and better idea the more I think about it - start one small managable think - finish it - move on to the next... I have too damn many half-painted figures polluting my workspace!!

  6. @Tim - I find it very hard to start a new project before finishing the last. I have 2 harpies that I started one, the wings broke on the other. It required pinning and green stuff then I stripped it to start over. The only reason I don't restart is because the repaired harpy needs primed and Chicago weather is ROUGH for priming in winter.

  7. I hear you (re: priming in winter)! It's one of the primary reasons I went to using gesso to prime stuff!

  8. Nice paint job on the Indians (in spite of the grisly scene). Mind sharing how you painted them, especially the colors you used for their skin?
    And I agree, small chunks are easier to handle. I don't know how some people do big battalions! I'd go mad! I find about 8 figures at a time for a unit is good for me. Then I like a break to do a different unit, some animals, characters, whatever.

  9. Yes those are Kryomek aliens. Apart from that the only thing I can tell you is they weren't part of the range that was sculpted by Bob Olley :-)

  10. I think those Indians are in for a bad day if the Xenomorphs have it in for them.