Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Seven Years War British and French

After last weeks game at John’s I got thinking again about gaming the Seven Years War with the DBA Extension for 1500 – 1900AD… so I got working on finishing up a few things I needed to finish up two opposing 12 stand DBA armies.

Actually I had all the French ages ago. Indeed I am only two stands shy of being able to field two complete French forces.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These are the British cannon and crew I have just finished. The figures are all from RAFM.

Here are the two French General elements (both I am classifying as “Light Horse”). The only newly painted figure is the cavalryman on the base with Le Marquis de Montclam – the others have simple been rebased… All of the figures here are from Old Glory.

Here is the entire British force. There’s actually 13 stands in the picture – all of the british I have. Right now, that’s 1x Light Horse (General), 7x Muskets (Line Infantry), 2x Muskets (Grenadiers), 2x Cannon, 1x Jägers (Rangers).

Ultimately I’d like to think of the armies/commands as “brigades” generally organized as follows

1x Light Horse (General)
1x Cannon
1x Jäger or Light Horse
3x Regiments/Battalions of 3 stands each (for a total of 9 stands)

(These regiments would be some combination of Infantry (Muskets) and/or Cavalry)

Here is the entire French Force. Again this is all the stuff I have currently painted. It amounts to; 2x Light Horse (Generals), 3x Light Horse, 2xCannon 15x Muskets. Eventually they will be organized similarly to the British.

I have some North American Indians I’m working on that could be added to either forces – when they’re being used for battles in North America… I also have some French Militia, Highlanders, and other fun stuff to paint up… At some point I would still like to do a recreation of the battle on the Plains of Abraham… The british would have three brigade/commands and the French something similar… so I have a lot more painting to do…

…oh, and then there’s the jacobites… but we won’t even think about that for now…


  1. Nice! Can't go wrong with tricornes. :)

  2. Awesome! This is exactly what I want to do: 28mm DBA FIW. Thanks for posting this (now I don't have to picture the armies only in my head). Right now I only have some Brigade Games Indians, but I plan on getting Old Glory's figs for the French, British, colonials.