Sunday, January 17, 2010

Spectral Warriors and Elementals

In order to boost my lagging painting rate and lower the aquired-to-painted ratio I give you a bunch of stuff that was really easy to paint – because here at Tim’s Wargaming Blog QUANTITY is job #1!

Seriously though… I didn’t paint these JUST because they’d be quick and easy they are some really cool figures. Okay, it was PART of the reason – but it was as much about finishing stuff to boost morale (which wanes some around here during the dark cold months) than simply for the sake of numbers.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These are from the “Dream Warriors” box set from RAFM. I picked them up recently off of ebay, and at first I thought they might have been part of a Call of Cthulhu line. Having a closer look at the box it seems like they were just part of a fantasy line.

I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to use them. Obviously I’ve based (most) them for Hordes of the Things - but what should they be classed as…?

BLADES…? Slow, hard-hitting heavy infantry…? Probably not. If I had wanted to do that I should have based them 6 to a base…

WARBAND…? This seems to make a bit more sense. A bit faster moving and unaffected by bad going…

SNEAKERS…? The ghostly/spectral aspect might work… but how would I ever need four stands of them!?

BEASTS…? Faster moving, ignores terrain, foiled by mounted? Nah…

HORDES…? This kind of works for me. The not-entirely-corporeal in form could make them not-so-effective in terms of sheer physical punishment they can dish out… Indeed their effect my not even be physical! Rather if they ever “destroyed” a stand it could be that they’ve so terrorized them they have fled the field of battle. The fact that they’re not alive to begin with means they can keep coming back if they have been “disrupted”.

Fliers…? Ghosts undeterred by terrain or other worldly things (like units of enemy soldiers) could feasibly move at a very high pace. Not terribly effective. Foiled by woods and built up areas…!? How do you explain that!?

These are Phoenix Earth Elementals. The Phoenix Clan are all about the magic – why send in a precious live to fight those who INSIST on fighting when you can have magic do your bidding. I think I will classify them as BLADES.

They are Clan War figures from AEG.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I’d like to say more easy stuff… LOTS more easy stuff… but I just don’t have any easy stuff that I really want to work on!? So I think I’ll try and carry on with the Phoenix Clan HOTT army. Maybe after that (or concurrently) I'll do a bit of work on the Unicorn Clan as well as bits and bobs of this and that… we shall see.


  1. I like the Earth Elementals. Maybe a bluish and grey tint to them ?

  2. Very nicely painted. I especially like the Earth Elementals as well!

    I just played my first game of HOTT yesterday, and think I might be hooked!