Friday, July 29, 2011

The Sword Part…

…of Sword and Sorcery…

These are (mostly) historical Dark Age Normans. I have to admit I am painting them up for potential use in upcoming fantasy skirmish/adventure games. I like the dark ages as a backdrop for fantasy games (rather than “high mediaeval”).

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Four Normans from Gripping Beast.

Another Norman (left) from Crusader Miniatures and an Anglo-Danish Huscarl from Old Glory.

This is an ole “D&D” figure I’ve had for over 25 years. I’ve stripped layers of paint off this fellow and repainted him. I have no idea who manufactured him.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

There be dragons lurking about the painting table… and zombies… and Elves and Dwarves…. and some modern British(!?)… and even a few Zulus still.

Hard to say what will be next….


  1. Lovely stuff Tim; your shields are awesome! I'm just letting a bunch of Normans dry right now, including a war wagon.

  2. Very nice. The last fig I recognise but I can´t remeber who made him either.

  3. Those shields look magnificent!


  4. Thanks guys!

    I want to say Citadel for that mini... but I'm not sure...

  5. Fab stuff as usual Tim!

    I think the mystery adventurer is a Citadel FA8-2 Ranger with Sword and Bow (Dec 1979) listed here -


  6. Yup! That's him! Thanks Mark!

    Wow! I had a bunch of those "back in the day"...
    FA3-1 Cleric with Cross and Mace
    FA4-2 Sneak Thief with Dagger
    FA10-1 Paladin with Sword
    FA12-1 Ninja (Assassin) with Sword
    FA14-2 Elven Hero with Sword
    FA19-1 Female Fighter with Sword

    Wonder where they all went...? Gone in one purge or another...

    I still have:
    FA7-2 Monk with Staff
    FA17 Female Thief with Dagger & Sack
    FA19-2 Female Fighter with Sword
    FA29-2 Dwarf Hero
    (They're all currently on the workbench waiting to be repainted...)

  7. I'm new to all this so please excuse my ignorance, but are these minis 10mm? I'm amazed at your painting. I find 28mm is trying for my eyes, and the dwarves I just did (which were 28mm but so much smaller) were difficult, but 10mm? Also I assume that you prime with black instead of gray, and it shows how nice this style is.

  8. Man, I had that Citadel ranger back in the day and I remember him being quite small compared to my other 25mm figures. He must look absolutely tiny compared to the modern Gripping Beast 28mms!

  9. Gael Ridire - the figures on this blog are almost exclusively 25-28mm. I've been known to paint 20mm... but I'm not a fan of things smaller. Oh, I understand the attraction - cheaper, easier to store, bigger battles and smaller spaces, etc. But for me the most enjoyment comes from painting and collecting the little men -actually getting to PLAY with them is an ancillary bonus. I just don't enjoy painting smaller stuff and I don't care for how they look... and yes, I base coat with black.

    Doc V - Citadel's stuff always been on the biggish side. While the ranger and the others in the line aren't nearly so HUGE as modern GW figures - they still hold their own against the not-so-"heroic"-scaled 25/28mm... Upon close examination he's a touch smaller than the GB, but not so much that it'd be noticeable on the tabletop.

  10. I used to game with just that mini - an AD&D Ranger who got to about 12th level! Wow, that brought back some memories - thanks Tim. My one went with a purge of minis about 20 years back too. I still have a few of that Citadel FA range left but I doubt I can do them the justice you do your figures.

  11. I used to game with just that mini - an AD&D Ranger who got to about 12th level! Wow, that brought back some memories - thanks Tim.Swords