Saturday, July 30, 2011


(This is a work in progress)

I'm building some new walls.

These will double as walls for the arena in our Gladiator Campaign and also walls for a fort.

I still need to texture and paint these, but I think they're useable enough for tonight's shenanigans.

I've still to make some corner pieces. I will make a set of four that are simple right angle wall turns - for the arena or a less-well-defended town/fort. Bring rather modular, however, I will also, at some point, build some turret-like corners for a better fort/fortified town.


  1. Very nice! Since the wall are so regular, you could also make a gatehouse and a keep that just "drop down" over the walls (cut the wall profile on each side of the building) for further versatility.

  2. I like these -- can't wait to see them when they're done!

  3. Just out of curiosity - what materials did you use?

  4. Thanks Guys!

    Great idea, Bob!

    Fitz - the core of the wall is scrap spruce 2x4 dimensional lumber I had kicking around, the "facade" (if you will) is 1/4" MDF.

    Heavy. Sturdy. Not likely to blow over if someone sneezes or crumple if sat on (like stuff made with cardboard and foamcore does...). .