Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Raid on the Border Post

It’s been far too long since I had a battle report on this blog…

Last week I played a little introductory game of Savage Worlds with the kids – which went over really well (I didn’t take any pics and it would have been chronicled over at Savage Timmy’s Playhouse anyway). This week I thought I’d bust out Hordes of the Things and try it out with the boy.

I haven’t played HotT in over a year… That's far too long, as well...


The Orcs of Gurgthanc had a hankering for stuntie flesh and treasure and so Borg Maulfist lead his mob over the hill to attack the Dwarven border fortress of Finndon.


Straight up HotT battle. Orcs attacking, Dwaves defending.


Army of Borg Maulfist
1x Hero General – Borg Maulfist and retainers
5x Riders – Wolf riders ( in know in the books it suggests they should be beasts as well…)
3x Beasts – Wolves sans rider.
1x Behemoth – Hugo the Giant.

Finndon Garrison
1x Hero General – Lord Finndon
6x Blade Dwarf Warriors
3x Shooters – two units (stands) of Dwarves with guns and a unit of Elves that happened to be in the area.
1x Beasts – Giant Armoured Badgers (no… Really…)


(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Lord Finndon marshals his forces at the Orcy-goblin horde approaches his border outpost.

Lord Finndon still unconcerned about this latest raid… so many have been beaten off before…

The battle lines clash!

Before this the Dwarfie gunner let loose a volley at a stand of wolves that were foolishly positioned in front of Hugo the Giant – as they recoiled many got under foot and squashed as the behemoth lumbered forward and the rest of the pack paniced and fled in terror!

Ba-DAM! Lord Finndon himself smashes a unit of wolf riders. Two down – looking good for the Dwarves so far…

ANOTHER unit of wolfriders is mauled by the dwarves and the survivors set to flight. Three down….

The next turn, however, (the dwarves more) ushered in the first of a few reverses for the dwarves (which ushered in a few tears from Lord Findon…)

The Elf archers and The Giant Armoured Badgers moved out to meet the remaining wolf packs (potential instant death scenario – beasts and shooters quick-killed by mounted….)

The Elves, overpowered by the smell of the wolves decided to quit the field and head back to Elfland – the Dwarves seemed like they had everything pretty much under control anyway…

Unsupported by the elves the Giant Armoured Badgers were surrounded by the wolves and annihilated… Two down for the dwarves.

There was a bit of shoving back and forth elsewhere along the line…

The Orcs seized the initiative and renewed their assault. Hugo stomped on some Dwarf warriors to even up the score – causing considerable distress for Lord Finndon.

More shoving.

When the wolves routed another unit of shooters Lord Finndon became panicked and… rather… er… “emotional”… Four down for the Dwarves.

Appropriately he then rolled a 1 for P.I.P.s….

Despite their leader coming apart his Dwarven warrirors soldiered on!

The one order he issued was for a unit of warrirors to rejoin the line…

…and the desperation of the situation set them to frenzy – they wiped out another pack of wolfriders – evening the score! (four units lost each)

With Wolves nearly at the very gates of Finndon the situation was becoming more desperate!

The loss of another unit of Dwarves nearly ended the game… a few deep breaths were taken and we soldiered on for one more round…

In a final reckless act the two leaders – Lord Finndon and Borg Maulfist – directly faced each other on the filed of battle…

Hugo crushed some more Dwarf warriors with foot and club – Lord Finndon thought this ended the game and tears were shed – until I pointed out we needed to finish the round and that if Borg Maulfist were to loose his combat that would even up the score AND I’d have lost a general – which would loose me the game.

Lord Finndon, though overwhelmed and nearly surrounded – with wolves at the very door of his stronghold – beat down Borg Maulfist and set his nasty hordes to panic and flight…

It would be many years before the Orcs of Gurgthanc had a leader so bold as to lead them against the border post of Finndon…

A good introduction to the game – the youngster picked up the basics with startling swiftness (understanding groups and PIPs and remembering combat factors move distances of the various units – on both sides – and quick-kills and doubling!) If he can learn to keep his head about him and not despair at EVERY minor setback he could prove a formidable opponent… (of course the same could probably be said of me!) (...except for the "formidable opponent" bit!)

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Now that he’s got the bug – I expect there will be many (MANY) more HotT battle reports filling this blog in the days-weeks-months-years to come.

And I’ve already started painting up a few stands for some new and some existing HotT/DBA armies… expect to see them here soon-ish.

I've even started working on some nre terrain tiles and fixing up some of the older ones that have seen much use and abuse.


  1. Very nice game and great to have family support...:)

  2. I noticed the stand depths are different from the printed recommendations... what's your home rule for base depth? I like the look of deeper formations of foot than the rules recommend.

  3. Thanks.

    Everytime someone asks this I swear I'm going to do a post about it explaining it in detail that I can link back to...

    short version:

    same frontage (60mm)

    infantry are 40mm for most, 60mm for some (like Hordes) - infantry have 1.5-2x the suggested number of figures.

    Cavalry are usually on the same base size and the same number of figures - though some I've been putting on 60mm deep bases.

  4. Three cheers for the young Lord Finndon! Looks like it was a really fun game (I'm happy the lad won -- good first experience).

  5. Generally when I'm introducing someone new to a game- young or old - I don't try very hard (i.e. at all) and always point out what I would think the best move is and what I could potentially do... I don't totally throw games... but I do like it when someone new to a game wins the first time. It makes it more likely that they'll want to try again.... sometimes, however, the dice just kind of work against me - so there was a little more "tension" in this game and it could have gone either way. With a more mature player that would have been perfect....

  6. Nice batrep. I am in the throes of getting my younglings into gaming. My son is painting well but we don't have any completed opposing armies for anything yet. I am hoping to get that remedied soon though. Thanks for these write ups - they are an inspiration.

    P.S. Forgot to mention on a previous comment - I love your Normans, especially the shield work.

  7. Finaly a new HotT Report! I am happy to read many many more in the future. Regards from a fan :)

  8. What a battle - you could not have scripted a better and more tight climax. Very good that the brave Lord Finndon won the last challenge.
    Hope that you will have many more great family fights coming your way!