Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Norse Irish

Finally got around to finishing a new DBA army: Norse Irish.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These are the new stands 8 stands of Auxilia (including an Auxilia General). The figures are a mix of Gripping Beast and Old Glory.

Here’s the whole army (including a bunch of Psiloi and a couple of Blade (Norse/Viking mercenaries?):

Yes, the stands are not the suggested depths or number of figures. This army, like all my other DBA/HOTT armies, I’ve based foot on 40mm deep bases and, for the most part, used 1.5x the suggested number of figures. So, Psiloi have three, Auxilia have four, the Blade have six.

I am anxious to try these out. So far the only Dark Age armies I’ve have are the Normans, Vikings and Anglo-Danish/Saxons. Generally the Vikings almost always defeat the Anglo-Danish/Saxons and the Normans simply destroy everyone! I’m wondering how these armies will fair fighting the Irish who, being mostly Auxilia and Psiloi, will likely hide in swamps, and woods and on high steep hills and ambush all those Knights and Blades and Spear (who all don’t do so good in Bad-Going terrain).

I also have a couple of options to use for Hordes of the Things:

Some Irish Wolfhounds (Beasts) and some Leprechauns (lurkers?)

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

More DBA/HotT madness! The year is 2/3 done and I’m just over 600 foot figures painted – I’ll probably make 900… can I make it 1000? Might be hard considering I’ll probably squeak some cavalry in there (being all inspired by Neldoreth’s Scythians… I think I might actually get around to painting a few of my own!!). Mostly I want to concentrate on finishing up some dark age armies (Vikings, Anglo-Saxon/Danish, Pre-feudal Scotts, and Welsh) and some more HOTT armies/options (Dwarves and Elves mostly… and maybe some orcs…. Undead… Centaurs…)

Yeah… I should totally do those Centaurs…

I’m thinking I might try and run another HOTT or DBA campaign in February… we shall see..


  1. 28mm DBA with some excellently painted figures - fantastic work Tim!

  2. Definitely Lurkers, especially the one on the right, nicely painted figures by the way!!

  3. Love the Hott elements. The Irish do well when they defend and have a nice mobility advantage over the vikings. That said, I'm pretty sure I put a serious beating on the Irish in the last campaign I played in with vikings.

  4. Good stuff! I like the flag and shield designs. They must be pretty tough characters running around in all those rocks in their bare feet. I do like the way your units look on their bases and the way you have them arranged (here and in other pics). You do a good job of capturing something of the character of the different types of units.
    I like the hounds and leprechauns, too.

  5. They're superb mate. The shields in particular are a real standout.

  6. Very nice Tim. Love the basing.

  7. I love the leprechauns Tim, moreover, the Norse Irish are just super, well done.


  8. I agree with the others - fantastic work especially the leprechauns!! Top notch painting!

  9. Thank Everyone. Just trying to decide whether to tackle the Welsh or the Scots next... or maybe some dwarves...?

  10. I know its silly but I really love those hounds...


  11. Nothin' silly about that, Curt?! I think they're pretty cool too! I think Warlord games has some Mastifs (for their ancient British line...?) that I'd totally like to get too!

    yeah, here they are:

    Warlord Mastifs