Monday, July 2, 2012

28mm WW2 British/Canadian Para Comparison

I finished up a few more WW2 British/Canadian Paras over the weekend and got to thinking maybe I should do a comparison of some of the figures from different manufacturers in the collection…

Represented here are:

(I have differentiated between “older” and “newer” West Wind Productions figures as there is a significant difference in the older Berlin or Bust figures and the newer Separate Head System figures… though, I’m not sure these “newer” paras I have from them were S.H.S. figures pre se. I think they may have been added to the Berlin or Bust line around the time the newer S.H.S. stuff came out…)

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Stuff from all of the ranges, Standing (From left to right): Artizan, West Wind (newer), West Wind (older), Black Tree Design, Bolt Action, Crusader, Foundry

Sten Guns (From left to right): Crusader, Foundry, West Wind (older), Artizan

Berets (From left to right): Black Tree Design, West Wind (newer), Bolt Action, Artizan, Foundry, Artizan, West Wind (newer),

Crouching (From left to right): West Wind (older), Artizan, Bolt Action, Foundry, West Wind (older),

Bren Guns (From left to right): Artizan, Artizan, West Wind (older), West Wind (older), Foundry, Foundry – Foundry and West Wind make Bren No.2 figures (with spare barrel bag and bonus magazine pouches – I have included them here).

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

More paintin’… Don’t know what just yet… 

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  1. Thanks for this - great painting and nice to see how compatible the different ranges are. Been thinking about an Arnhem campaign myself...

    cheers WW