Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Few More Assorted Moderns

…and then I got sick. After enjoying two days of relative quite as the rest of my family lay in bed mostly sleeping all day long, it was finally my turn for a bout of the flu and productivity for the rest of the week went into the crapper…

I did get a few things finished up over the last - mostly over the weekend.

Most of these are from The Assault Group.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Another Assault Group SAS figure turned into a modern survivor.

WW2 US Marine. This chap (and the next two) are Special "Freebie" figures. Usually if you order 6 packs you get one "freebie" figure. In December The Assault Group celebrated it's 10th Anniversary and had a special on where you cold get one "Freebie" for EACH pack you ordered... I ordered a few...

Chechen (or Wherever...) sniper. 


Wait, Maybe I'm getting my movies mixed up... 

'80's vietnam vet ready to free some MIA/POWs. We remember the disappeared... The Truth is out there... and all that... 

Some Militia from Timbogo... or Rioters from L.A. ....

Some riot police. good for keeping rioters or zombie hordes in check... or protesters... or Canadian Hockey Fans... I originally painted their batons black, but it was just too much black stuff... so I went with making them wood. 

This is the only figure that isn't from the Assault Group. It's an old coppelstone/Grenadier figure (currently available from EM4 Miniatures). I think he's called "Tinpot Dictator". He'll be perfect for the President of San Theodoros (or whatever fictional South/Central American land I set ablaze!) 

I did also start re-basing the 20mm East Germans and Canadians – which took up a lot of hobby time…

I also spent a bit of time on other creative endeavors this weekend - Sewing Snakes with the kids. Our new hobby may be shelved as our batch o’plastic zombies has arrived from Wargames Factory

I know what you long time followers are thinking “Tim’s fallen on his head and damaged his brain severely – there can be no other explanation for him buying plastic figures – he HATES plastic figures!?”. Fear naught, dear reader, I am still not fond of the plastics… but I can’t deny that seems to be the way things are going and they’re cheap. Really cheap. And my kids are desperately excited about the idea of starting to paint their own miniatures and so I thought what better thing to start them on? Something that’s a) cheap and b) doesn’t really matter if you don’t do that great of a job because they’re SUPPOSED to be rather messy anyway – plastic zombies seemed to fit the bill perfectly. Stay tuned for those in the days and weeks ahead…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Zombies… Modern stuff… WW2… 


  1. Clean, crisp and lively painting as usual. Love the medals on the Dictator - obviously earned every one of them :) The Marine helmet camo is always nice to see too. Best, Dean

  2. Nice work Tim. A grand collection.

    You will need to pardon me if I don't get to reply to your post in months to come as I move interstate.



  3. Nice work, specially liked SAS/survivor, good idea to turn miltary guy into sivilian, just by innovative paint job! I have to adopt that idea. And off course, all sorts of rambo's are always blast :)

  4. Nice work Tim - I really like the use of the TAG SAS as survivors... consider the idea nicked!