Saturday, December 28, 2013

Samurai and Ronin and Ashigaru

Yet another batch of Feudal Japanese for various Ronin buntai. Most are from Black Hat Miniatures - which I've really had a lot of fun painting. The range is a bit limited, but I'd definitely like to pick up a few more... and some of their Tales of The Dragon King Chinese fantasy figures... or some of their highland dwarves... or centaurs...

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

The bunch of them.

Two unarmoured Samurai or Ronin with Yari from Black Hat Miniatures.

Three unarmoured Samurai or Ronin with Naginata from Black Hat Miniatures.

Two unarmoured Samurai or Ronin with Yumi from Black Hat Miniatures.

Two unarmoured Samurai or Ronin with Katana from Black Hat Miniatures.

Three Ashigaru with Yari from Old Glory

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

More of the same. I’m pushing to finish 1000 28mm foot miniatures by the end of the year – which will mean about 10-15 per day for the next three days… I was thinking I might bust out some Great War stuff just to stop going cross-eyed trying to do individual intricate patterns on every damned figure and paint something that might take a bit less time... but then decided just to push ahead with the Japanese. I'm just finishing up some Monks (as well as a few others) which should hopefully be up on Analogue Hobbies tomorrow some time.. 


  1. Fantastic brushwork on these, as always, Tim. Hard to tell it's a limited range - they all look wonderful. Dean

    1. Thanks Dean!

      The range seems limited in that there are unarmoured Samurai, a few armoured ronin, and the peasants - which is great if you just want to do the Seven Samurai... That being said there are a great number of unarmoured samurai in a bunch of great poses. It just seems a bit limited in that there are no ashigaru or armoured samurai or monks - which seem to be the staples of most companies samurai miniature lines. Of course I can get those elsewhere. But no where else can I get such a range of unarmoured samurai.

  2. Great looking figures Tim! Keep up the great work!

  3. Great work, as the bows!

  4. Nice work! Love it, if they wasn't so damm expensive on the exchange rate and shipping I would consider getting some.