Sunday, April 30, 2017

More of Montrose’s Irish

This was my entry for round four of the Lead Adventure Forum’s Lead Painter’s League. This lot  finishes up two units of Montrose’s Irish for my ECW Scots Royalist force for The Pikeman’s Lament.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

The latest batch (well… they were painted a few weeks ago, but I couldn’t post them unit the round was over). This is the picture I submitted for round four of the Lead Painters League (I happen to have won that round). Most are from Warlord Games, but I think there’s an old foundry figure hiding in there somewhere.

Here is the complete unit of Shot including six figures from the batch above and six from the previous lot

Here is the complete unit of Pike including four figures from the batch above and the eight I posted a few weeks back.

The two units together.

I have another two units of Irish to finish up - another Pike and another Shot. But they are made up of figures from Eureka Miniatures (which I ordered from Eureka Miniatures USA). The rest of the force will likely be made up of highlanders and possibly some Gordon Horse at some point…?

This week’s entry (which won’t be posted here until next week) are some Pirates. There was another THEME ROUND this week – “Ship’s Crew”. I’d thought of doing some sci-fi figures I’ve been wanting to get to – to use as the bridge crew for a Rogue Trader vessel… but they were fancy-schmansy Hasslefree Miniatures minis and I was running short on time and didn’t want to have to rush them… so I went with regular old 17th/18th century historical pirates. (it sort of fits in with what I’ve been working on…)

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Hard to say. I promised myself I wouldn’t assemble or paint any more jet bikes until I finished Rick’s Robot… I do have those other Irish to work on… I don need to get a crew ready for NEXT WEEKS Lead Painter League submission…

Oh! I know – it will probably be a round-up of the last two months tabletop gaming!

After that, things are less certain…