Tuesday, April 4, 2017


No this isn’t one of the jet bikes from the Jet Bike Construction Kit Kickstarter. Around the time the kickstarter ended I was feeling very anxious about trying out Faustus Furious and I happened to notice that North Star Figures was selling off a bunch of Warzone super cheap (well… I think these were 50% off… which is a pretty good deal - £7.5 for a pair of them…? Not bad…). Anyway I picked up a pair and then… got busy with other stuff (the Vimy project, mostly…)… and never got to finishing them up.

In the end to try it out I rebased a couple of regular Motor bikes to have a go at the rules and see if they worked out.

Anyway, now that I’m done with the Vimy Project ( for now)  – and with the Kickstarter jet bikes coming soon - I thought I’d best get these done. I’d feel awful silly having bought these, just to get a few jet bikes before the kickstarter ones arrived… and then not actually have them painted and played with before the kickstarter jet bikes arrive!

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Jet Bike from Prodos Games. I think it was called a “Purple Shark”. The other one I have I am actually painting purple… I’d thought about painting it pink-ish… but then thought it would look just a little TOO much like a giant flying penis.  

The head is actually a post-apocalyptic conversion head from Lead Adventure Miniatures

I have no intention of ever playing Warzone. I just picked them up because they were cool-looking jet bikes and I’m building up a jet bike collection to play some big crazy games of Faustus Furious

The dark green turned out a bit too dark at first, so I tried adding a little highlight line along the edges of the panels and on some of the bolts - like I've seen some people do on Warhammer 40K vehicles - to make them "pop" a little. Not sure I quite got the knack of the technique, but it does look a little better than it did originally. 

The bases are 40mmx60mm MDF bases that I make myself (same as the ones I use for DBA foot - except oriented in a different direction). I marked out and drilled a hole in the center and added a bit of a bamboo skewer. I drilled a similar sized hole in the bottom of the bike. I plan to use the same size base for all of them and I’m not gluing the bike to them – at least I’m not planning to at the moment. The fit is snug enough that if you pick up the bike the base comes with it. I had thought I might make separate “Crash Bases” to put them on to indicate when they have crashed.

I’m also going to make a bunch of measuring sticks that will also be 40mm wide – so it can simply be lined up with the front of the base and if it comes into contact with any other bike – a collision occurs!

Maybe If I get the other purple Purple Shark done I could have the kids do a little race to try it out again.

I wouldn't mind tracking down a few others for giggles - like an Eldar Jet Bike...? I don't know. Who else makes jet bikes? I so wish I still have the old Harlequin one I had back in the day... I do have a pair of Imperial ones, but need a rider for one - and they look a bit goofy as there is no apparent steering device. Perhaps it's all done by gyroscopes and the rider leaning to turn...? I also have an old Grenadier Star Wars scout speeder bike... but they'd look tiny by comparison.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Scots Covenanters

Or Ricks Robot…? 


  1. That does look good. The panel line highlighting works well, I reckon.

  2. That's a great jet bike. I'm just building some Ramshackle ones

    1. Thanks! I'm just waiting on mine to arrive - should be any day now!

  3. Looks great, reminds me of an me109 for some reason? The only ones I've got are the old citadel spacefarers ones, in a lock up in a nearby town! I should literally dust them off!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain!

      The front end totally has a look that is reminiscent of ww2 fighter aircraft. I was totally thinking spitfire or zero as I was painting and tried to push the look with the colours I chose! I had even thought of putting a roundel of sorts on the tail fin.

  4. That jet bike looks pretty sweet Tim!

  5. hey Tim,
    Great look !

    Dis change some rules for the jet use ? or do you use the rules as in the book ?


    1. Thanks Eric!

      The rules for Faustus Furius? No, rules-wise I have changed nothing. I just changed the name of the actions and fluff. For example - Propero we call "Turbo Boost!" and Retardo we call "Hit the Brakes!"