Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Assorted Stuff: Immortan Drumpf and Imperial Guard

Finished up a few things over the last week or so…

Immortan Drumpf from HasslefreeMiniatures. If you remember waaaaaaay back in February when I explained the background to our MDRG campaign… I mentioned ultra-right-wing leaders running on xenophobic, populist platforms…? Well… this is HE. And He survived… and is now the leader of an army of nasty killer robots and gun-toting goons.

A few weeks back I mentioned reorganizing my Guaiacan Commandoes? I realized I had just about enough for a Battle Forged BRIGADE of Imperial Guardsmen… I just needed a few more Fast Attack elements. 

I’ve had a sentinel squadron, sitting, unassembled, on the shelf for some time. I had been thinking not too long ago about converting the pilots to look like Tallarn Desert Raiders and loading up the sentinels with spare cans of Promethium and ammo and bags and stuff – so they’d look reminiscent of WW2 SAS desert raider jeeps. But I realized the ones I have had the camo tops that the new ones don’t, and that the new ones come with weapons that would probably be more appropriate for desert raiders (las canons, etc. – longer range weapons that the Heavy Flamer and Multi-Laser options that come with the kits I have). 

So I decided to build them up as Jungle Fighter Sentinels for my Guaiacan Commandoes.

But first, I also painted up a few more old school metal ratling snipers for the force...

Five new Ratling snipers from Games Workshop.

I now have a squad of TEN of them!

The first of the three new sentinels I’m working on.

Same model different angle. I did still try to add some extra kit to the new sentinels.

More of the same.

Close up – hoping you might be able to see the driver in there.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

More of the RPGaDay questions… or not… I don’t know… They’re not getting as much of a response here as they are on my facebook group, so…


  1. Those Sentinels look great! Love the Trump too (must be Trump day, I just posted a game featuring the man).

    1. Thanks Preacher! Your game report was great fun to read!

  2. A lot of great looking stuff!
    warm regards

  3. Nice looking sentinels and halflings, the great leader has come out well too.
    Best Iain

  4. Oh man, that Drumpf figure is great!

    1. I know, right? How could I possibly have resisted buying that!?