Sunday, August 20, 2017

More RPGaDay, More Vacation Pics

The vacation pics are actually over on my other blog:

What I Did for my Summer Vacation - the 2017 Edition - Part Two

I think there are over 100 pics in the post. Here's a couple pictures so you have an idea...

The Girl going wicked fast. 

Me... adjusting my rear hub... AGAIN!

And here are the weekend's RPGaDay questions 

Question #19 


Again I’m not entirely clear on what is the “best writing”? Do they mean the most lyrical and literary with the most flavourful flavour text? Or do they meant the rules with the the most clear and concise technical rule writing?

I’m a painfully slow reader. So, I’ve never really read game rules just to read them for the sake of reading and enjoying the writing. I read as much as I can to understand the rules or the setting or the adventure I’m going to run and skip the rest. I’m more concerned with whether the rules are laid out in an order that makes sense and if I’ll be able to find the rules I need to refer to in the future!

That being said, the miniature game rules by Daniel Mersey – Lion Rampant, Dragon Rampant, etc - have been really fun to read. (Not actually RPGs.... buuuut... fun to read - and PLAY!) 

Question #20


I find that FLGS that don't have an online catalogue are the best for finding old treasures - I've found a few gems squirrelled away on the bottom shelf in the back corner or in their bargain bins... 

Other than that... the Sentry Box? (at least back when Sean worked there and staff could actually LOCATE stuff that was in their catalogue) 

I've picked up the occasional item of eBay or ABE books...

I know of others who’ve gotten amazing deals at conventions…

I suppose a lot are available as PDFs at RPGNow or Drive-ThruRPG. Does it even count as "out of print" if it's still available as a PDF? 

In Other News...

I really need to get cracking on some Jet Bikes! 

Amanda's off to Seattle, but not before leaving me with this cold she came down with on the last day of our vacation! Boooo! 


  1. Jet bikes! Looking forward to more of those!
    Best Iain

    1. Finally got back to work on them last night - finished bike, just have to finish the rider! Stay tuned!

  2. Tim, I see you are running disk brakes on your MTBs. What are your impressions of rim vs disk brakes?

    1. I like them. I have to admit, I never really rode a bike with them until just last year and was like "oh, okay I get it now". The difference really is eye-opening. I have them on my mountain bike(s) and on my touring bike (Salsa Fargo).

      I was a little suspicious of them at first. Probably because I am becoming a curmudgeonly old fart that hates change. But with my, admittedly limited, knowledge of physics I wondered if applying a force at the hub, when most of the mass was out at the rim, wouldn't put a lot of stress on the spokes. But obviously people have been riding them for over a decade - and using them on loaded touring bikes with 700c wheels - and wheels aren't failing all over the place. I was working in a bike shop 13 years ago when they were just starting to become more common and I recall problems with certain brands and some problems with frame alignment, but now that it has become the industry standard for over a decade on mountain bikes - and creeping more and more onto road bikes - they seem to have worked out those issues.

      Amanda's been riding a mountain bike with them for 13 years - no problems. All the kids mountain bikes have all had disc brakes. And now I've been dragged kicking and screaming into the modern world... and have to admit; yeah, they're pretty sweet...