Thursday, August 10, 2017

RPGaDay 2017 #11

Question #11

Which ‘dead game’ would you like to see reborn?

How dead is “dead”…? Are we talking recently out of print stuff like the FFG 40K RPGs that they recently lost the license to produce? Or are we talking about long out of print gems like... I don't know... Burrows and Bunnies? Is that even what they mean by “dead”? “Out of print”? Maybe out of print from the original publisher and largely forgotten by the majority of the role-playing masses…?

Or is “dead” something that no one is playing anymore? If no one is playing it anymore, it’s probably because it wasn’t any good. If it was any good there’s probably someone somewhere still playing it!

What do they mean by “reborn”? It seems to me that just about ANY game that was half good at all has been kept alive by someone, somewhere in some form… (often as a pdf on RPGNow or Drive-thru RPG or something similar)

Even oddball old stuff like the Morrow Project – a weird little smaller press post-apocalyptic RPG from the 80s – which I never played, but always found the idea intriguing – is apparently not only still around, but in its FOURTH FREAKING EDITION!?

Perhaps they simply mean what long out of print game that you haven’t played in years (or DECADES) do you still have feelings of nostalgia for and wish you could convince someone to play it again (but probably won’t ever because you’ll realize it wasn’t actually as good of a game as you remember)...?

If that's the case I might like to dust off the old Twilight:2000 modules and have a go at them again. I'd probably use a different system. I tired it with Savage Worlds a few years back.  Perhaps If I have another go, I could just use them as a scenario generator for a series of skirmish scenarios (there's actually a brilliant blog devoted to just that: It's 500 Miles to the German Border! - A Twilight 2000 mininiature wargaming blog)

Otherwise, I don’t know… I’m pretty good with what I’ve got. And I don’t need any of the older games I have to be reborn for the purpose of having more adventures or supplements – because I prefer making that stuff all up myself anyway. I find games with loads of supplements overwhelming.

In other news... 

I actually got to RUN a role-playing game yesterday! I tried to run the kids and a couple of their friends through The Eleventh Hour - an Only War adventure FFG published for Free RPG Day a few years. 

After almost three hours - the youngest one got "bored" and so I had to all it, even though we didn't finish the adventure. The other three were pretty disappointed - but that just means they were really having fun and it shouldn't be too hard to convince the three of them to play again sometime.


  1. Twilight 2000! One of my fav all time RPGs. We played countless hours of that and had an absolute ball.

    1. I remember playing a LOT of it in high school... but despite owning most of the adventure modules, I don't think we ever got past the Free City of Krakow! (though I did start a campaign one time in the US and started running the Last Submarine).

    2. So I would love to go back and run the campaign and try to get through all the Euro adventures and ultimately get the characters back home. Running the "back home in America" series would also be fun.

  2. Oh man! I remember playing it sometime in the 80s. Don't recall much about the game but I did immediately recognize the cover.