Monday, November 20, 2017

First Tallarn Platoon complete

Well... assuming I go with 3-squad platoons, the first one is complete. I've been back and forth on how to organize them. I have enough figures that I could field a company five full platoons of 3 infantry squads plus assorted special weapon and heavy weapon squads - when I ever get to painting all of them.

This Squad of Astra Militarum Tallarn Infantry - miniatures are © and TM of Games workshop, painted by myself and posted here entirely without their permission.

The entire force so far... Currently sitting at about Power Level 28 and maybe about 380 points...? I have enough infantry to field FIVE of these platoon. I also have three more Special Weapon squads (Two Melta and another Plasma) and PILES of Heavy Weapon Squads I think four armed with Lascannons and another four armed with Autocannons and two with Heavy Bolters...? To that I should be able to add three squads of Tallarn Roughriders. This should fill out a "Brigade" Detachment - and then some - probably a "Battalion" Detachment (or a second Brigade)??? On top of all that Light Infantry - I'm also planning to add an armoured force of four Leman Rus tanks and a pile of Scout Sentinels, and possibly a Super Heavy tank (or two!?) I don't know... We'll see. I should concentrate on painting what I've got so far.

In other news

I also painted up these two sample Tau Pathfinders - to try out the colour scheme I was toying with. I'm not sure... It does look better in this photograph I took out in daylight than it did in my basement painting corner. These are for Amanda's Shadow War: Armageddon Kill Team - when I was describing the factions to her she liked the idea of what I described as "Galactic-Space-Commie-Aliens". I had five of these I picked up a while back along with a devilfish transport - since she decided to play these I picked up another small batch to fill out a Kill Team of 10 - plus have a few options for weapons.

Oh, I also went back through the blog and tallied up all the stuff I've painted and updated the 2017 totals. Looks like I'm in the red so far this year... Hopefully be the end of the year I'll be slightly ahead... I was a little shocked at how many figures I'd bought this year... I did buy a lot of Great War stuff early in the year - and got ALL of it painted (even though the Vimy Project was kind of killed...). Then on top of that the Bones 3 Kickstarter arrived, and I back two Lead Adventure Kickstarters (Dwarf Gold Fever and Astropolis II) and then I bought TWO large batches of 40K Tallarn minis (those alone totalled over 200 minis..) and I did order a few ECW things in the spring when I was getting a lot of that painted up. Of those 652 28mm foot figures I've painted so far this year, 148 of them have been 40K (or other Sci-fi) figures, 236 of them were for the Great War, and 183 were for the English Civil War (there were also 46 fantasy, 23 modern, and 28 post-apocalyptic).

Coming Soon To Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

At the front of the workbench I have the Tallarn Roughriders ready to go next. After that I should probably get a company commander painted and then start in on the next infantry platoon. I do also have a Leman Rus and Scout Sentinel lurking at the back of the workbench that I've been occasionally been putting daubs of paint on, but I'm kind of waiting on a couple packages of stowage materials (extra gas cans and kit that I want to have strewn about the vehicles, hanging precariously off every side) before I get too much painted.

Before I get going on too much of that Tallarn stuff (but after I finish the Roughriders) I do have a few other things I'd like to finish up: Shadespire Miniatures and a Skitarii Ranger Kill Team (both for my friend John), some more Tau, and the rest of the Space Hulk Genestealers and Terminators. If I had to guess the order I might do these in I'd say Roughriders, then Shadespire minis, then some Genestealers, then maybe some Tallarn thingie, then maybe some more Genestealers, then the Skitarii Kill Team, then either some more Tallarn or the Tau Kill Team (and maybe the Devilfish, while I'm at it?). I'd like to get this all done by Xmas... (Of course that's what they said in 1914, isn't it..?)


  1. Great work Tim. I just love the look of those old Tallarn figures - and I like the effect of the slimmer bases as well. Well done.

    1. Thanks Greg!

      Yeah, I've never really liked the plinth-like plastic slotta-bases.

  2. I, too, love the work of your Tallarn project! Great sculpts with terrific brushwork. The camo and headscarves make these guys pop!

  3. Tallarn platoon looks great, and I could certainly see a company made up of platoon of this size. Like your use of the Steel Legion LT as well.

    And I agree with Greg, the bases look great.

    1. Cheers!

      The Steel Legion officer I converted into the commissar I actually picked up off Ebay dirt cheap because someone had done an awful job at a headship - can't even remember what they'd tried to put on. So I popped off whatever head was on there and, I think, ended up using a spare plastic Catachan head and then wrapped it with a green stuff towel. It was my first attempt at adding a head cloth and, given that, was very pleased with how it turned out.

  4. Nice work- really enjoyed following the Tallarn stuff come together.



  5. Lovely tallarns, sounds like it'll make a great second imperial guard army!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain.

      I was actually serious considering buying a third for when I'm done these - there is a big lot of Valhallans on eBay right now...

      Ultimately I decided I really shouldn't as I'm way overspent on my toy budget for this year... (and next year...)