Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Pan-Dimensional Mercenary, Commissar, and MORE Tallarn.

A Few things rolling off my workbench this week. I've been sick again and the dizzy spells are back with it - which is a little disconcerting. I haven't been able to sit for too long and paint, but as I'm sick and not doing much else - I've had a fair few opportunities to sit - even inf only briefly - and get a bit of painting done before my head hurt or was spinning and couldn't focus anymore and I needed to lie down...

John Gaunt - A.K.A. Grimjack - Pandimensional Mercenary. I picked this figure up earlier in the year and didn't realize who he was at the time - just thought he looked cool and for some reason looked a little familiar, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. later, in the summer, I happened to pick up a collection of Grimjack comics and was looking though them and sudden though "Waaaaiiiit a minute.... Where's that figure I bought!?" Originally I'd planned to paint those trousers in a tartan of sort... but after I realized who it was I had to paint him like he was in the comics. I was torn as to whether I should paint the gold and gold or paint it yellow like it was in the comics... I settled on gold...

The figure is from Miniature Figurines.

This fellow is actually from Lead Adventure Miniatures - I picked him up in the Astropolis II Kickstarter (He was actually released in the first Kickstarter, but I had had to pass on that one, so I picked him up in the second Kickstarter). I think he's supposed to be the first officer of the Astropolis, but I thought he'd make a PERFECT Commissar for my Imperil Guard.

A Tallarn Veteran Sergeant - a Gen-u-ine Games Workshop miniature.

 and finally a Heavy Weapon Squad for the Tallarn - armed with Mortars!

I had pretty good luck with the Mortars against Finnegan's Orks in our last little skirmish, so I thought I'd start off with these for some Heavy Support.

 That's all for now.

In other news....

the Drywall is up in then kitchen. Mudding should be finished by Friday and over the weekend we could potentially be painting. After that things should move along fairly quickly - the flooring guy should only take a couple days, the cabinet maker is just waiting on us, so as soon as the flooring guy is done, he'll start installing stuff and then we need to get the countertop people in and then the plumber again to finally hook things up. Should all be done well before the Holidaze.

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I have a half finished Infantry Squad of Tallarn on the workbench that will probably be my next priority. After that? Probably the squad of Roughriders! Also on the workbench is a half painted Leman Rus Tank and a Scout Sentinel, assorted Astropolis figures, and just yesterday my friend John added some Adeptus Mechanics Skitarii Rangers and some Shadspire minis which he asked me to paint up for him. The Skitarri Rangers are for his Shadow War: Armageddon Kill Team as I will be starting a campaign of that in the new year.

After the kitchen is finished I think I'm going to be doing some minor renovating in the basement - no walls being torn out or anything - just hauling everything out of the game room, building some new shelves, maybe putting in some new lighting, reorganizing the whole mess and such. Hopefully it will all be done by the end of January - in time for the Winter Wargaming Weekend.


  1. The heavy weapons squads are exquisite!

  2. Brilliant work as usual!

    Good luck with the renovations!

  3. Nice Grimjack! But where's Bob the Lizard?

    1. I don't recall if they made a Bob the Lizard. I shall have to seek one out on my own, I guess. Thanks!

  4. Grimjack!!! Haven't read those in about 20+ years...must see if my copies are still in the loft. Hope the dizziness clears up...I have Menieres which can cause these although thankfully mine are under control at the moment.

    1. Thanks Alastair!

      I had read a couple when they were originally being published back in the late '80s and a friend ran a Space Master RPG campaign set in Cynosure. Years later I picked up a pile of the comics for dirt cheap from a bargain bin, but they were just random ones not a run of them and I'm not sure I ever got around to reading those. Earlier this year something triggered my memory of them and I wondered what ever became of them and checked to see if they were ever collected into books. Sure enough they were, but it was long enough ago that they're now out of print and not really available anymore - at least, not for reasonable prices... I did pick up a used copy of the first volume - and I'll keep an eye out for more.

      My Uncle has Menieres, as does a friend of mine. My doctor mentioned it as a possibility, but I'm still on a wait list to see a ENT specialist to find out if that's what's really going on o ref it's something else. I had dizzy spells for a few weeks in the spring and was pretty freaked out by it -as I'd never experienced anything like it before! It kind of just went away and I've had four months with zero problems - until this past week. Seems to be getting better though. I should probably check in with my doctor again and let her know it's happening again and see if that can get me moved up the list...

  5. Fingers crossed it's just been an infection or something. Menieres is a bit of a bugger although I'm lucky in that meds keeps mine under control.

  6. Nice tallarns, the pan dimensional mercenary is just ace, good luck with the kitchen I'm painting around cabinets now, we're in but it'll be a couple of weeks till its done.
    Best Iain