Saturday, November 25, 2017

Weekend of Painting

Unfortunately, not the sort of painting we enjoy around here...

When the framing and wiring was finally finished up we contacted the guy we'd set up to do the drywalling and from that point on mostly other people were going to be doing the work and the work they were doing should have had fairly straightforward amounts of time to complete their task - so we figured the drywalling would be done last Friday and then we'd have a week to paint and so booked the flooring guys for the following Monday morning. They said three days to get done what they need to get done - and should be left for a few days to cure before anything else happens. So we let the Cabinet Maker know he could start installing the following week. The day after he comes in to install the first boxes, the countertop people will be in to take their measurements and make a template and then they said they'd need two weeks to get it done and they should be in on the 18/19 of December - which leaves a pretty tight window to get it all done before Xmas - but yesterday we did settle on a tile for the backslash and the tile people said it should take 2 weeks - maybe 3 to arrive and they'd have no problem coming in the 20th and 21st to install and then the plumbers should be in to install the rest of the stuff on the 22nd or 23rd! WHEW!

but that all hinges on us being done the painting by Sunday evening - so those flooring guys can be here at 8am. Monday morning.

There were a few setbacks in the drywalling. The drywalled was in a little car accident (he's okay!) but that and other little hiccups set him back nearly a WEEK!? He only finished up Thursday evening - and had to do a few little patches of mud to smooth a few spots out - which Amanda and I had to sand down on Friday.

Friday evening we got to priming the ceiling...

I tell you, this chick knows how to ROCK date night...

So that leaves me to do two coats of paint on the ceiling today and a coat of primer on the walls today (Saturday) and two coats of paint on the walls tomorrow... 

First coat of paint on the ceiling.

fun times... 

Amanda was out with the kids all day so I had to work on this all by myself... 

So I of course I had to screw around a little...

That reddish colour is called Dragon's Blood - we were assured by the paint store, however, that it was entirely synthetic and no Dragon's were harmed in the manufacture of this paint!

But then I WILL be DONE all of the stuff I'M doing for the project. After that it's pretty much other people for everything else!

The final wiring won't be completed until the 7th of December, however, so we still won't really be able to set up the new Dining Room table until then - and the stove and Dishwasher won't be going in until after the counter tops are done, so we really won't have a completely finished and functional kitchen until Xmas... Ah well... At least it will be done for the Holidaze and we'll have a new (to us) table and and some comfy chairs to sit up to it and play all our new (and old) games!!

Hopefully the next post will be back to the regular type of painting!


  1. Great colour and a tight schedule alright. Hope it goes to plan.

    1. Thanks Danny! Shouldn't be a problem - we did get the ceiling completely done yesterday and primed the walls. I've got nothing else going on today so surely I can get two coats on the walls. Amanda even says she'll help with the first coat before she takes the kids out to dance class. (Of course, by "help out" she means the rolling - the quickest, easiest part... better than no help at all, I suppose...)

  2. No shading or highlights?

    Nice job though. One of the joys of very early retirement is that we don't have to deal with professional tradespeople who want and deserve to be paid. The down side is that everything takes 5 times longer and looks almost right.

    1. I had considered black priming like I do with the minis - but Amanda just wouldn't go for it. (and, honestly, it's hard to get really good whites without a great many coats when black priming!)

  3. Good luck with the kitchen, sounds like a tough schedule if anyone overruns, but that never happens in the building game does it? Nice to see you spoiling your wife, my wife and teenage daughter have been sanding down varnished kitchen cabinets which I have yet to paint, along with the cornicing and skirting, oh we'll be done in about a week! (That will come back to haunt me! )
    Best Iain

    1. Painting is done - so the pressure is off! Now I'm just waiting for the flooring guys to arrive this morning. They should be in and out in a couple hours - it's a really small job. Then back two times this week to do second and third coats of varnish.

      Next week - cabinets!!

  4. Aargh...1-to-1 scale painting...the WORST...