Friday, September 11, 2009


I thought I’d take a break from the skirmishers and archers and do some mounted Samurai – Cavalry stands for my DBA army!

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These, as with the others, are from Old Glory.

Same guys from behind....

I was going to say I think I’ve gotten that out of my system for now… on with the Normans and Irish and all that, but then I just picked up the final three Discs of Shogun from the library… so…

I will get to the other stuff. But if I'm excited about something it's impossible to force myself to do something else, so I figure; "why fight it!? GO with it!!!"

Kokigami pointed out to me a great web site about Japanese armour I thought I'd pass along to everyone - you can find it here:

Online Japanese Armour Manual

Thanks K!


  1. Spectacular!!!

    There looks a lot of time and attention spent here.

    Worth it :)

  2. Nice detailing! Are you supplementing your vision with special specs when you paint? Or do you just have freakishly good eyesight and a steady hand?

  3. Excellent stuff... Also, I agree with your sentiment regarding going with your current interest; I find it's the best way to keep painting :)


  4. Thanks Guys!

    Bob - good eyesight/very steady hands! I have never used magnifying optic and never will...If it comes to a point where I need them for 28mm - it'll be time to move to 40mm!! or 54mm!?

  5. I've been occasionally using some drug store +25% specs and it really does help my aging eyes pop up some details. I tried using a magnifying glass (on a stand--sold in craft stores) but the distortion was horrendous.