Friday, September 4, 2009


This is the first of my Early Imperial Roman DBA Armies. I have enough to do three full armies – complete with all possible options… and enough of everything BUT the Legionaries (Blades) to do two more!? I think before doing any more Romans I’ll probably do some Early Germans to oppose them!

The army has an option of a Cavalry or Blade General, four Blade (Legionnaires), four Auxilia, a Cavalry and an Artillery stand, then either an additional Calvary, Light Horse, Psiloi, or Bow stand.

(Click on the picture to see a larger version)

The army is almost exclusively made of old Citadel Minatures from the 1980’s. These were produced under license by Ral Partha in North America. The General on the Calvary General Stand is from Old Glory, and the Artillery stand is, I think, from Minifigs. My friend John got them in a trade last year when he decided to off-load his15mm Great War stuff, then subsequently traded them to me for painting futures (I have completed one unit of Cuirassier for him thus far and, I think, agrees to paint three or four more…).

As mentioned above I have enough to do a few more armies - at some point I'd like to do a Roman campaign - maybe revolving around a civil war - with a couple roman armies and a couple others (Germans, etc) that might either capitalize on the unrest to pick away at the empire or ally themselves with one of the various roman factions... But that won't be for a while!


  1. Excellent Roman army! The legionnaires ranked up tightly like that look especially suitable and impressive.
    (I can't keep Asterix and Obelix from wandering into my mind when I look at this army... pif! paf! lol)

  2. Cheers!

    I'm sure Asterix had something to do with me painting them with green tunics and shields...

  3. The uniform depth of the bases looks good—not that this is anything new. I just hadn't noticed until you pointed out that all your foot are 40mm deep. I had been confused by the varying depths in the DBA rules, but now I see that these are really optional. I'm going with 30mm for 1/72 models.

    Beyond my interest in basing minutiae, these Romans look good. It's interesting to see something other than standard Foundry / Gripping Beast / Warlord minis. The sculpting style is quite different, but the historical accuracy is there.

  4. They are a very tidy little legion! I like the double basing.

  5. The basing depth does make a slight difference in game play. Bases that are deeper get knocked back further and this can affect flanking bonuses. But really it doesn't matter that much. A standard basing (or one for foot and another for cavalry) works just fine.

  6. Fantastic looking legion there Tim. I also like the use of a non-standard uniform colour (although no-one really knows what colour Roman army tunics were anyway). My Romans tend to use either the standard red or off-white tunics but green shows some nice imaginative thinking and they look very good ranked up like in the picture.

  7. I agree, I like the deeper basing with extra figures. It looks like more of an army that way.

    I also like the green.