Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Few New Things

Here’s a few odd things I’ve finishedup over the last week.

I was reading on Perry Miniatures website that they do a lot of their photography out in the back yard, so I dragged the big terrain board out back and had a go at it..

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

A Chinese mortar team from Copplestone Castings - one of a few itmes I needed to finish up for my Wargames weekend in October.

More of the old 80’s Citadel miniatures Romans – this one a stand of Light Horse

These are a pair of riders for one of my Orc armies. I needed them for a battle this evening! They are Ghost Miniatures from Old Glory.

A couple of Ronin/Samurai from Old Glory. (They’re actually from the “Seven Samurai” pack…).

I actually have a whole DBA army worth of Old Glory Samurai – and then some! Some of the extras (such as these) will be used for Savage Worlds skirmishing… others will start a second Samurai army (because you can’t just have ONE!? – I mean, who else are they going to fight?). Until then they will have to be a HOTT army – which is cool, because I do have the NINJAS for lurkers and I also picked up an Oriental Dragon and an Oni… and I also have an Asian cannon and crew.

It will be a while before I do much work on them however as I know startlingly little about feudal Japan and I want to read a couple books first. Also I have to really get cracking on the armies of the Dark Ages for the February campaign.

Speaking of…

Finally this is a stand of Anglo-Saxon/Danish spear. These are a mix of Old Glory and Gripping Beast.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

ROMANS!! The final three stands of Blade are the ONLY thing occupying my workbench at the moment and I am not allowing myself to put anything else on until they are finished! I think I only have to paint some green on them…

After that it’s on to Anglo-Danish spearmen, Normans Knights, and Irish auxilia (and their Norse blade mercenaries) – those being the easiest Dark Age armies to finish up!

Looking at the schedule I set out a month or so back, I may or may not have all FIVE successor armies (and an Indian army…) done by June of next year…. They’ll be a LOT of work… I guess I’ll have to wait and see where I’m at in the new year. If I’m still working on Dark Ages stuff, or it takes me more than a month to complete successor army #1 I may postpone the Successor campaign until October and run another Hordes of the Things campaign in June…. We shall see…


  1. Nice work. I've been quite happy with the better light in the back yard. Except at northerly latitudes in the winter you get a real shadow from the angle of the Sun. Yes, you can project the shadow behind the figure but then your damned camera and head are blocking the light!

  2. My basement window has been fortunate enough to receive nice indirect light for most of the day. The window sill is pretty wide, so I made a little terrain piece to fit in as a photo backdrop. The draw back is that the light comes from only one direction.