Friday, January 14, 2011

Giant Robot Madness (Part 2)

I based up a couple on 60x60cn MDF bases to see what they look like and am pretty pleased with the results…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The two opponents and their pilots – on the left the AT-43 thingie from FFG, on the right Melusine PKA Ausf M by Hobby Base (which I picked up from Hobby Link Japan. The drivers are both from Bolt Action Miniatures.

The MaK with the, presumably, more familiar Sentinel® from Games Workshop® (pictured here entirely without their permission)

The Soviet Arsenal: same as above seen here with a T-26 (from Army Group North Miniatures)

The Sentinel® from Games Workshop® (pictured here entirely without their permission) again, with the commie walker.

More shots of the same stuff for comparison…

I may add some red stars and German grosses to these… Some I may repaint… someday… but for the most part I’ll probably leave them be – I got other things to do!!

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Um… I just got a big load of foundry Darkest Africa stuff from an ebay seller – expect some of those shortly (well… as soon as I can pick up some more washers for bases!?)


  1. Got some issues with GW, do ya? :)

  2. After that whole "remove everything from BGG" thing they had something posted on their own website that said that their miniatures were their intellectual properties and that it was "technically" an infringement on those intellectual properties to post pictures of your finished painted pictures on the internet.... BUT they said it was okay if you state that it is their stuff and all ©®™ and that it was posted without their permission... or something like that... so doing my best not to upset GW's corporate lawyers and infringe on their intellectual properties and stuff...

  3. Here it is:

    What you can and can not do with Games Workshops's Intellectual property

    Ooh, I got it a bit wrong it should be:

    "miniature © Games Workshop 2003. All rights reserved. Used without permission - model painted by xxxxxxx"

    and I love the bit about you cannot use other companies stuff when converting our models...

    "Conversions are a major aspect of the hobby, although in intellectual property terms, they also constitute a major infringement. However, we are certainly not about to stop people making cool conversions of our products, although, there are certain things to keep in mind:

    Please do not combine our intellectual properties with IP owned by any third parties.... "

    Really...? Aye-yi-yi!

  4. I remember when games used to be about gaming... sigh.

  5. sounds like a load of old toss to me.
    Copying their figures is certainly an infringement of copyright and IP law, converting your figures after you've bought them legally is Fair Use.

    GW are so paranoid of losing their IP, because now its all they have.
    All the great rules writers have left, anyone with any connection to the original games is long gone and the games are stagnating due to a lack of any kind of vision.

    Anyway, lets see them enforce those rules on all the GW orientated forums that are out there, it'd alienate so many fans they might as well shut up shop.

    This rant typed up without Games Workshop's permission :P

    Nice basing btw, shame you're in Canada I have a pile of Fireball suits I'm not using.