Monday, January 31, 2011

Napoleonic Highlanders

I know what you’re thinking… “Napoleonics!? Tim!? What the…?!” All I can say is I must have suffered some sort of severe head trauma – so severe that I don’t even remember it… and that, combined with all the pretty pictures in the Black Powder book… and the insane five for four regiments deal at Renegade Miniatures… well… let’s just say when the dust settles and the painting brush is put down I’ll have a brigade or two of British ready to do battle

Anyway, these, which are not from Renegade, showed up last week and I’ve been painting like a mad bastard all week trying to get them done for Saturday as my friend Curt was to come up from Regina to run a game of Naopleonic Black Powder. Unfortunately I’ve also been sick this last week and was getting worse rather than better (probably exacerbated by the extremely late nights trying to get these painted!?) and by Saturday I was in no condition to get out of bed, let alone go anywhere… boooooo! Luckily the game was rescheduled for Sunday and with two nights (Friday and Saturday)of good sleep and a day of rest and relaxation (and painting!) I was able to make it out WITH the Highlanders (where these brave jocks gave a good account of themselves).

You can see a report of the weekend’s battle in the Previous Post

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

This it the 42nd Regiment of Foot (Royal Highland Regiment).

The figures are all from Front Rank Figures, the flag was painted by myself.

Here they are again in square. Pretty aren’t they?

Assault Column

Column of March

I even picked up some dead/casualty markers (these are also from Front Rank Figures). I have a third one somewhere that I didn’t complete…? (and I forgot to take them along for the game!? URRRR!)

This is actually the main reason I ordered from Front Rank – the casualties. I also ordered a pile of British regulars and even some French casualties… and some for the Seven Years War!? I had been considering Perry Miniatures Highlanders – but for some reason, despite having wonderful casualty packs for just about ALL of their lines… they DON’T have a British Napoleonic casualty pack!?

I’ll probably do a second battalion of Highlanders at some point - the 42nd was apparently brigaded with the 92nd (Gordon) during the Waterloo campaign – and maybe I’ll use Perry’s for those…

I also picked up a few General officer types to act as the brigadiers… (also from Front Rank Figures).

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Well, if those Renegade orders showed up anytime soon, it could very well be more Naps…!? Otherwise it’ll probably be more African tribesman…. Or askaris…?

I still feel like I'm going to cough out a lung, but hopefully I’ll be back on my feet and get a game in again over the next week or so and so there should be a report of that.


  1. Always good to see a nicely painted Highlander regiment. Great paint job.


  2. They're very well painted, you done them proud! As Ubique said, Great paint job

  3. Very nice as usual. I don't find it in the slightest bit odd you doing Naps, despite what you say. You seem to do everything else! ;-)

  4. Thanks everyone.

    The comment about shock and surprise about me taking up another period, expecially this one, was more for the people who've personally known me a loooong, as I've always vehemently said I'd never (NEVER!) get into napoleonics. Mostly because, well, probably the first nappy players I ever met were... well... utter cocks. They generally shared the attitude that naps were the high watermark of miniature wargaming - something only the most mature and distinguished (or maybe just "oldest") gamers could attain and all that "other stuff" was "kid's stuff" or something to that effect. The complete snobbery and disdain for all other periods just completely turned me right off...

    Since then, of course, I've discovered there are actually people that game the period that... well... aren't cocks about it. My reluctance in more recent years has been more due to the fact that I am simply involved in waaaaaaaaaay too many periods already and I just didn't need another - especially an other with SO MUCH variety and colour and options - to FURTHER distract me.

    Consider me somewhat further distracted....

    Also the whole late 18th/early 19th century is a large black hole in my understanding of history. Never really learned that much about it... (due to in large part to aforementioned snobby gamers and the general disinterest in the whole era they engendered in me...). I picked up a few books recently to rectify this deficiency.

  5. The concise history of Europe in the late 18th and early nineteenth century:

    Period begins with standard European power maneuvering, in the midst of the Enlightenment, where some rulers are "progressive", and some are not. Then the French have a great whacking Revolution, which like all revolutions ends in a dictatorship. The repercussions from this revolution, both socially and politically, take anywhere from 60 to 80 or so years to shake out, depending on where you are.


  6. What is your favourite colour?

  7. Green! No, blue!

  8. I'll forgive the Napoleonics thing as these are Highlanders after all! Well done!. Bonny lads indeed and good to hear they acquitted themselves well on their first outing.

  9. In my humble opinion that's the best painting you've done in some time! Lovely work..