Saturday, August 6, 2011

Orcs Invade Libbyland

Another game with the kids – this time we let The Girl Play too. The Girl was very excited to use her mom’s army (when she found out she has her own army of ALL GIRLS!. I had promised her a game a few evenings ago, but it just hasn’t worked out with the outlaws visiting… This morning, however, Amanda and her folks were out to the market and stuff so after we finished ourt violin practice I thought we’d try and sneak in a game before they got back…


The forces of smelliness and brutishness have invaded the land of happy spites, unicorns and ballerinas (though, strangely, there are no sprites… or unicorns… or ballerinas in the army…).


Orcs attacking the army of Girly Greatness.


Orcs of Badthanc
1x Rider General Borgthag the Not-So-Clean
6x Riders – Wolf Riders
3x Beasts – Wolf packs
1x Behemoth – Trolls.

The Army of Libby the Bold
1x Hero General – Libby the Bold and her Giant Pussycat
3x Blade – Dwarves
3x Shooters – Humans and Elf Archers, and stone-throwing Hobbit lasses
3x Warband – Dark Elves and Celts
1x Riders – Centaurinas


(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The “Expert” (boy) sets up his army of Orcish smelliness opposite the Girls’ Girl Army.

Initial set up of the Army of Libby the Bold.

The Orcs pour over the hill with their host of wolves….

The Girl vibrates with excitement at the prospect of throwing for her first PIP roll. I think the die went across the room, bounced off a wall, and ended up on the floor somewhere…

The Boy gets ready to throw for Borgthag the Not-So-Clean’s first PIP roll.

Libby commanded her centaurs to flank the enemy line…

…and enjoyed some initial success, routing the first batch of malodorous miscreants.

Rather than surging forward toward the enemy (and letting the centaurs roll up the line), Borgthag the Not-So-Clean showed some serious lack of impetuosity and ability to grok the taktiks, by holding their general advance long enough to dispatch some riders to deal with the menace on the flank.

The Centaurs were frightened off the field of battle. Driven by the loathsome smells emanating from…. rider or beast? They knew not which was worse! (Girls down one)

No tears yet…

The battle lines met – this time it was the orcs turn to… well… turn the flank…

The Celtic Warrior Wimyn were pretty badass, however and fought off the two packs of baddies. Foes clashed and there was much shoving back and forth.

The hman archers were mauled and driven from the field of battle by one particularly rank mob of wolf riders… (Girls down two)

The next round however the Wolf Riders finally surrounded, overwhelmed and annihilated the Celtic Warrior Wimyn (Girls down three)

Further down the line the Girls only managed to throw back a few units that remained in contact or that were rejoined with the pitiful PIP roll… conveniently redressing the Orc line for them…

The Orcs were then able to charge in again en masse! In a particularly bad turn the Orcs managed to route a unit of Dark Elves, the Elf archers, AND a unit of Dwarf Warriors! (Girls down six, game over…).

Not a great introduction for the girl… but there was conciserably less tears than the boys first game… and he WON!? She too will be a formidable opponent… when she learns to add…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

More of the same… couple guys coming over to play some more HotT tonight…


  1. This all looks waay more fun than violin practice...


  2. Oh, our violin practices are pretty fun... Maybe not QUITE as much fun... and, honestly, I am thankful for that... I mean, if it were so much fun that kids were vibrating with excitement so much that they were uncontrollably throwing their violins across the room... well... that could prove costly!!

  3. Looks a lot of fun indeed- thanks for posting such an excellent battle report.

  4. So, a generation is comming that will not only wjhopie our ass on Halo, but on us grognards territory as well... ;)

  5. Great battle report thats for sharing. And great blog +1 follow

  6. Thanks for the report! It's good to see the kids getting into this stuff. Hopefully the girl will come back for revenge! (-:
    (did you see the teddy bears battle report on Der Alte Fritz's site?)

  7. Lovely to see the kids involved in our hobby.

    Thanks Tim for a great report and photos of the game.



  8. Nice report as always. Nice to see that both the kids enjoyed the game

  9. Cool to see the kids playing some miniature games. Do you play by the rules in the book, or do you go easy on fiddly ZOCingness, etc?


  10. Thanks everyone!

    We're pretty much playing with the rules as they are. I try to keep things simple however; just a couple different types of stands (enough for a bit of variety, but not so much as to be overwhelming) and no "funny stuff" (dragons or gods or lurkers - with "funny" deployment rules - or magicians or flyers that require extra PIPs for moving or ensorcelling or or creating odd ZOC situations - which I don't even have my head entirely wrapped around at times...). We also haven't used any hordes... mind you I don't HAVE very many hordes...

  11. Dear Tim,

    i have got a question. Did you take 6cm front size and you took on different bases more figs than described in the rulebook - why? Better "filler" for the base or better "look" or any other reason?
    Your battlereports fixed me so that i will start making my own HotT armies in dezember - yeaaah!!!
    Regards and thanks for all that superb HotT stuff you made here

  12. I use deeper bases with more figures because I like the look of it. Looks more, to me, like a "unit" which, to me, is what a stand represents.