Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Great War Canadian Vickers Machine-Gun Teams

I just finished up the last of the Great War Canadian Vickers machine-gun teams I currently have (I do need a few more, but I’ll probably be waiting until the new year to pick them up).

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

The new teams, from left to right: 1st CorpsGripping Beast/Woodbine Design (in back), Wargames Foundry (in front) and 1st Corps again. 

These are all of the teams for the Canadian Corps so far. There will be four per division and represent roughly a company. I need about three more.

Having finished them up I thought I’d do a post highlighting all of them and maybe even taking some comparison shots.

Brigade Games

Here are a few comparrison shots..

Top row, left to right: Great War MiniaturesOld GloryGripping Beast/Woodbine Design
Bottom row, left to right: Brigade GamesRenegade Miniatures1st CorpsWargames Foundry

Here I tried to line them up from biggest to smallest guns - left to right: Renegade MiniaturesBrigade Games1st CorpsGreat War MiniaturesOld GloryGripping Beast/Woodbine DesignWargames Foundry.

As above, slightly different angle.

The biggest and smallest. Wargames Foundry on the left, Renegade Miniatures on the right.

The three big 'uns: Renegade MiniaturesBrigade Games1st Corps. They are all about the same thickness, but the one from Renegade is clearly longer. (With a statement like that I feel a little like a porn reviewer comparing dicks...)

 Great War Miniatures (left) and Gripping Beast/Woodbine Design (right)

Great War Miniatures (left) and Old Glory (right)

Wargames Foundry (left) and Old Glory (right)

I originally took a few more pics but a lot were out of focus or just didn't turn out, but I think the above does a pretty good idea of showing the differences and similarities. I'm not terribly concerned by them. These will be spread out all over teh battlefield - the differences are really only noticable when you line them up next to each other and critically compare.

I wish I could have gotten the Canadian Auto Car Machine Gun Carrier I picked up from 1st Corps , but alas I haven’t had the time to assemble it…

I realized afterward taking and editing all these pictures that I do actually have a vickers team from Battle Honors - but they're in shorts and Wolseley helmets... I guess they'd do to show relative sizes of guns... Ah well... some other time. 

For those that get anxious about the significance of certain numbers – with these I have finished precisely 666 28mm foot figures so far this year. Well behind where I’ve been at this point in some of my more productive years, but I should bring that up over 700 and possibly closer to 800 by the end of the year, which no one can really say is insignificant…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I wish I could say it would be the 19th (Central Ontario) Battalion, CEF, but it won’t I have a few more individual ancient figures I’ve been working on in between units and stuff. I have STARTED the 19th (Central Ontario) Battalion, and hopefully I’ll be posting them later in the week!  Also work has slowed on the 4th Brigade as I’ve stopped to convert a few spare officers into the riflemen I need them to be! 


  1. That's a pretty in depth coverage of 25/28mm vickers machine gun teams I think I like the gripping beast /woodbine the best but they all look good they seem quite big in real life! All very nicely painted of course.
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain!

      I think the Gripping Beast/Woodbine and Great War Miniatures ones are my favourites. Renegade is close behind...

  2. Wow! That is a large group of machine gun teams! All look splendid too. Your figure comparison will be very helpful for those following in your footsteps. Not surprised that Renegade comes in as the largest. Figures in their other ranges are large and luscious too. Your figure counts for 2016 are not insignificant by a long shot. Exceptional productivity and your painting is always inspirational.

    Great stuff, Tim!

    1. Thanks Jonathan!

      "large and luscious" - that's a great description of them. At this point in my life I like "large and luscious" as they are generally "easier to paint"!

    2. Who doesn't like large and luscious?