Sunday, January 21, 2018

This Week's Games - January 2018 - 3rd Week

We got in a few more games this week...

Starting off on Monday we got in a game of Five Tribes.

I was totally excited thinking I'd do really well having collected up a complete set of all the trade goods and quite a few viziers... And when we did, I.. well.. I think I did win, but the kids were not far behind... I've had a thing going on where I try to go last to set up something really good and then bid high to go first the next round. I think the kids were catching on....

Later in the week (Friday evening) we got in another game of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle. this was Game Three in the series and DAMN they get harder. Not only do you have to fight MORE, WORSE bad guys, after the first location goes the second and third locations say TWO dark arts cards come out every turn. GAH!? There are a few new cards that we get that do cool things, but they're mixed in the ever growing draw deck with all the not-entirely-useful cards from the first two games.

It seemed pretty hopeless for most of the game - luckily the last few villains to face were easy ones from the first game and we were about to just finish them off with one space left open on the last location (we lose when all locations are filled on the three location cards.


We actually tried starting the Fourth Game of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle Saturday evening after supper as we had a bit of time before people were to arrive to play Rogue Trader. People arrived earlier than I'd expected, however, so we left the game set up to finish off in the morning.

Saturday evening we met to make characters for the Rogue Trader campaign I'm running. Bruce is playing the Rogue Trader, Bob is going to play the Navigator, Aaron is a Missionary, Amanda is a Void Master, and Adelle is going to be an Astropath. I'll probably post some more details about their characters when they're finished up. From here on out we'll be playing on alternating Fridays - starting 2 February 2018!

Sunday morning we finished off Game Four of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle  We lost. WOW... there is some hard stuff coming up at your. The odd thing is that there is no way (at least in the first four games) to cull weak cards from your deck... You're kind of just stuck with the crappy game one cards in your deck forever! So apparently we're going to have to play Game Four again and WIN it, before we move on...

Later in the evening we got in a game of Splendor. Amanda was complaining that I'd "groked" the game and "always win" - totally NOT true - she's won at least one or two, as has Finnegan. She also joked that everyone should gang up on me? Then she won. She won with 15 points when the three of us combined only had 15 points!? Honestly, I need to keep a closer eye on what she's doing...?

In Other News... 

The tile guy finally showed up and installed our tile backsplash this week.

These pics are just after the grout was finished - it looks a little darker than they do in reality...

It's not TOTALLY done because when I went to scrap away some of the excess grout and mortar around the electrical outlets, a few of the tiles fell out.... Ugggggghhhh..... so now I've got to fix those before the outlets can be properly secured and the finish plates put on... Ah, well...

Oh, and we got out for a Bike Ride on Friday. I mean I ride my bike everywhere I go all year, but it's rare we ever just go out for a ride... just... to ride... in January...

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I have a few more Rogue Trader types on the workbench along with a couple units of Tallarn (Special Weapon Squads and Roughriders) as well as the Tau Kill Team for Amanda... Hopefully I'll finish up ONE of those things this week...


  1. Still, sounds like a good game, hogwarts, kitchen looks great!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain!

      Sometimes co-operative deck-builders fall a little flat with me - but this one's okay. The Girl loves it, and that's the important part.