Tuesday, January 30, 2018

TITANS - Big and Little

Because I'm that special kind of stupid... I thought it would be a good idea once I got the Warhound Titan in 28mm... that I should go ahead and get an Epic scale one and paint them both in the same scheme!?

"Epic Scale" Warhound Titan! That's a 40mm base - it isn't THAT tiny... although, it was a bit smaller than I remember them...

"Epic scale" Warhound Titan next to the "28mm" scale titan... not that either is a real "scale".

I guess he is kind of tiny.

While I though I got a pretty good deal on the BIG titan, I got... less of a great deal on the Epic Titan... I tried to console myself that 6mm is about 1/5 of 28mm or 20%... right...? So as long as I didn't pay too much more than 20% of what I paid for the Big Guy, I didn't go too overboard... Except from the photo, this guy is clearly nowhere near 1/5 of the big one...

I guess when considering a 3-dimensional model all three dimensions need to be included and thus it is closer to 1/125 of the bigger version...

I'm overthinking this aren't I...?

Okay, I paid too much for it.

but I have it now. And I'm going to paint it in the same scheme I paint the Big 'Un. So I can field it in either scale (should I ever roll out the the EPIC/Micro sci-fi!?).

What I REALLY need for the epic stuff is some Imperial Guard infantry. I've been looking at some alternatives - Vanguard Miniatures Novan Desert Infantry look promising...? I just kind of wonder how they size up to other 40K Epic stuff... I'd picked up some other generic sci-fi light infantry from another seller and they ended up towering over all my Epic Marines... which doesn't really work for me...

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Still working on that AAR of the kidz game of 40K.

I finished up the Tallarn Roughrider squad!  So hopefully I'll have pics of those up here sometime soon.


  1. I *really* like the look of the old epic warhound titans. Curiously I'm less of a fan of the big version. I think the proportions are just slightly off in a way that makes me a bit cool to the fig. Sadness. I want to like it the same amount.

    1. Maybe when they're painted...?

    2. Ha! I guess I'll finally have a chance to see =)