Sunday, June 23, 2019

Drukhari Wych Cult

A little over a year ago, Amanda and I bought a used (mostly assembled, but entirely unpainted) Dukhari force of a local dude that wanted to offload them. From this I did paint up a Kill Team for her to use last fall, but very little movement had been made since then... Until now...

This weekend was the Strange Bedfellows 40K Team Tournament, and we decided to enter a FAMILY team. Unfortunately, Amanda was away in the U.S. at a Yoga thing, but she said it would be okay for Finnegan to make use of her Drukhari so we could field an all Aeldari team. (If she hadn't been away, it might have been me and Keira with Asuryani, Amanda with the Drukhari and Finnegan with his ORKS!!). Instead we teamed up with our friend Other Tim and his Alaitoc Asuryani.

Over the last six weeks I cranked out this entire 1000 point Drukhari force. I've previously posted the Reavers and Hellions (and Lelith Hespirax, even though she wasn't needed for the force). Here, for the first time, is the ENTIRE 1000 point Drukhari force - including the Succubus and three Wych squads I've painted in the last few weeks.

This is the entire Crimson Wave Wych Cult force Finnegan used in the tournament. It was lead by a solitary Succubus and included three units of 10 Wyches, one unit of 20 Hellions, and one unit of 12 Reavers. The unit sizes were not ideal.. but there were very specific detachments that were to be used and this is what we had available that could fill those spots.

The Succubus leading the force.

Wych Cult Unit Number One. These weren't assembled by me. I think the Hekatrix (the unit leader) may have been converted from a kabalite figure...?

Wych Cult Unit Number Two - same deal with the Hekatrix here...

Wych Cult Unit Number Three. Now that's a regular Wych Cult Hekatrix!

The entire Drukhari force so far. This could be fielded as a "Battalion" Detachment with Lelith Hesperix and a Sucubus as HQ requirements, the three Wych units as the Troops Requirements, and the Reavers and Hellions fielded as two to three Fast Attack options.

I'll need to paint up another Helliarch to lead the second unit of Hellions if we decided to split them up into smaller (more manageable!) groups.

Still to do are another nine Reavers, ten Hellions, a Venom, an Archon, and a couple dozen Kabalite Warriors. I might try to convince Amanda she needs a Ravager (or two) for some more hard-hitting, anti-armour capability. Or maybe a flier like the Voidraven Bomber or a Razorwing fighter...?

An objective marker I made up with spare Drukhari bitz. I have a couple more in the works. Ideally I'd like to put together four - each with a different number of skulls on the base to indicate the objective number.

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog: 


Planning to run a short trial campaign over the summer and maybe a larger extended campaign in the fall - along with a narrative campaign weekend in October!!


  1. Excellent work! I like the objective marker idea, too.

  2. I don’t know what they are but they are colorful and well painted. Nice job!

    1. Thanks!

      They're basically BDSM Elves in space...

  3. Looking great! Any thoughts about mechanizing the Wyches to make the whole force even faster? (plus flying tanks are always cool)

    1. Thanks!

      Well, it technically IS Amanda's army, so I'm not going to be buying anything else for it... We do have one Vemon for me to build and paint up - I picked that up to ferry around a succubus commanding an outrider detachment. I'm not sure how much she's going to play... If she was going to regularly be bringing them out to tournaments or league games, that might be the way to go (but I doubt that will be the case). The games we play at home here are generally smaller scale infantry skimishes.... so probably not.

      I was going to suggest to her that she should get a Ravager at some point - just for some harder hitting Anti-armour.

      I JUST watched the video about how to play the new Apocalypse rules, and I'm pretty actually excited about it. I REALLY like the action phase followed by a damage phase - no more alpha smite! Everyone gets to do stuff on both sides - THEN the damage is worked out and units are removed! I think this could be a fast-playing replacement for any larger 40K games - not just apocalypse level games! We could still use the 40K rules for, well, what we've been using it at home - 25-50 power Level (500-1000 point) infantry skirmishes. We can still use Kill Team for smaller actions and Apocalypse for anything bigger!

      Also they just posted ALL of the Data Cards for all factions for free - no need for MORE codexes to play that game!

      Now I just need to get those Eldar Titans painted!!!!

    2. Yeah, I read some commentary on DakkaDakka that suggested effectively the same thing. (using Apocalypse as a "standard" play game, and regular 40k for smaller games)

    3. I'd be happy to see the tail end of Alpha Smite - it was so discouraging to set up all those reavers on the table for our first game this weekend - only to have them blasted off the table before they could even move or shoot! With these new rules... well... they might still die on the first turn, but dammit, they'll take someone WITH THEM!!!

    4. Alpha strike has been a problem in 40k for as long as it has been IGOUGO (so since the beginning). Proper random activation by unit would make things much much better...

  4. Great looking army! Very stylish and I like the objective marker too!
    Best Iain