Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Momentarily Distracted, Back on Track Now!

Well everything was going okay at the beginning of the month... I was, more or less, sticking to The Plan but somewhere along the line I lost my way… It was the 25th anniversary of the Falklands that got me a bit side tracked.

Well I’m here to announce that things are back on track – though a tad behind. I did however count on this and thus the schedule worked out earlier this year was designed so that I could have some wayward moments (...or... months) and still get the projects done.

For June I was to have accomplished the following
1. Finish off any Chinese or Russians

2. Make moulds and start casting Bolsheviks

3. Start sculpting Indians inc. a new British officer figure, two Indian riflemen, one Indian Lewis-gunner, and a generic Indian crewman kneeling.

Well.. the Russians were finished long ago .

The Bolsheviks… the masters for the three infantrymen were done a few weeks back but the officer still needs work. Perhaps I will get going on the moulds for the infantry and finish up the officer when I start working on my next batch of masters.

Speaking of… the Indians. Didn’t even get started. I’ll get on that this month.

The Chinese. Not quite finished. I did base and prime the ones I had already cast a couple days ago and last night I cast up the rest I needed:

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

I also cast up some more Russians, which I will paint up as either White Russian mercenaries in Chinese service or some dismounted Cossacks for an “elite” unit for my White Russians… I also cast up a few more Kings African Rifles and a couple British Lewis-gunners (as I don’t think I had got any really good castings of that figure before..).

Anyway, the rest of the Chinese will get based and primed tonight and I’ll start painting them tomorrow!

What I did in June:
A Pile of Falklands stuff. Samples of both sides in 15 and 20mm and a whole British Para battalion (one stand=one platoon) and a Scimitar CVRT in 15mm.

I started rebasing a pile of 15 and 20mm WW2 and modern figures.

I painted a few pirates and made some ships for my upcoming Savage Worlds: Pirates of the Spanish Main campaign .

So… July…I will:
a) Finish off the Chinese!
b) Make moulds, cast, and start painting Bolsheviks
c) Start sculpting some Indians and finish off the Bolshevik officer
d) (I will likely also paint some pirates and start building some 28mm pirate ships for some boarding action…!)

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

The long awaited report on my latest Blitzkreig Commander game with Gary and another report on a small naval action we played on Sunday using my new ships and Savage Worlds.


  1. Are the Chinese, Russians and Indians for the CLA battle at Fallcon? You better have those done, as I have been selling it to everyone I meet!

    I am curious to see your pictures for the Pirates game. How does SW Pirates look?

  2. They are indeed for the Fallcon game. Fear not, they will be DONE!

    Savage Worlds: Pirates of the Spanish Main looks very pretty. I could do without the pretty. I'd much rather buy two softcover books with a few B&W pictures than one hard cover with full colour pictures throughout. It makes the price a bit steep for what you get. I buy books for rules to play games not look at pretty pictures. I'm not sure why everyone seems to be puting out all these full colour book crammed full of so-so illustrations...? Is it to give work to their illustrator friends that can't get work elsewhere? (woah... before anyone freaks out there are some very nice pictures in Pirates... and some that are... well... not so great... I'm just questioning if ANY of them REALLY need to be in there...?).

    As for the useful content there's a bit of new stuff that's handy for a pirates comapaign. Some of it is utter rubbish - see future post on house rules... The background will be interesting, if I ever get around to reading it... If you have no other SW books and you want to run a Pirates game it's probably an alright deal. If you already have some SW stuff - maybe not so much... If you're just looking to pick up the core rules wait a few weeks for the Savage Worlds: Explorers Edition - a 6'x9' paperbakc that will retail for $10US! I DO hope this is the beginning of a new trend in how PEG published their rules. I like to support them... but I'm just not sure how many more $50CDN hardcover books I can bring myself to buy...