Sunday, May 27, 2007

Another "Game Plan 2007" Update...

I finished up a few more things I had planned to get done this month..

(Remember: click on picture to get a bigger version)

#1 Mounted Russian Staff Officer #1

This figure is from West Wind Productions Cowboys Wars line (ZCW-048 Russian Hunting party) He will be the staff officer of my White Russian force. The other mounted figure in the pack will be my C-in-C…. when I get him finished…

#2 Russian Snipers

Also from the same West Wind Productions pack (ZCW-048 Russian Hunting party). Technically, the list only allows for one… the other, I guess could be a russian “big game hunter” character…?


Odd angle for this shot…? I took this shot a couple days ago as soon as the finish was dry enough to touch them…I think I was trying to adjust the camera and take the picture with my left hand while holding a squirmy wee girl in the other…. Anyway, 16 of them done. The riders are my own sculpts/castings, the horses are hinchliffe from the Colonial Connection. Before I make anymore cavalrymen I’m going to sculpt and mould my own dang horse!

Here are some of those Cossacks again I was trying out a couple of different paint schemes for Semirechensk Cossacks.

Here is my complete (for now…) White Russian force holding a review for the Tsar and his family.

There are 6 units of 18 infantry (which could alternatively be fielded as 8 units of 13..), a unit of 16 Cossack cavalry, 3 machine-gun detachments, 2 snipers, 1 aircraft, and the staff officer (currently standing in as a C-ic-C).

At some point I would like to add a bit more infantry and cavalry to this force, as well as some armour, artillery, and a unit or two of tsarist officers and/or partisans. But for now it's on to others! Next: finish the Chinese! (... then bolsheviks... then British/Indian...)

Still to do in the next week:

1. Finish painting the Chinese SPAD - Well under way. I painted the recognition stars on the wings last night. I had this crazy idea that I’d paint a Chinese Dragon on the fuselage as a personal symbol for the pilot…. So it might not get finished until next month.

2. Prep and prime remaining Chinese (cast any that are still needed – six, I think..) and paint one battalion.

3. Finish the Bolshevik masters I am currently sculpting – did a bit of work on these today. Mostly just need a bit of finishing touches… and the officer need arms!

4. Poster for Hero’s Gambit – I actually have until the first Tuesday of June to finish this. I have an idea, I just got to sit down and start drawing!

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  1. Very nice! Looks like you are building a good sized army of Whites!