Friday, June 1, 2007

End of May Update: Last of the Russians and Other Distractions

Well in the last update (last week) I was pretty much done everything I had planned for May..

Well I haven’t finished the Chinese SPAD… and I didn’t prep and prime (or paint) any new Chinese infantry units…

Here’s what I did finish up

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

I did finish the Russian’s C-in-C. He’s also from West Wind Production’s Cowboy Wars line (as mentioned in the last update).

I also finished up some Big Game Hunters from Coppelstone Castings. I picked these up as they could be used both in Pulp Adventure games as well as be the base of unit of British volunteers in some sort of Great War in Africa campaign.

I am also more or less finished up the Bolshevik masters… I might do a little touching up here and there and the officer still needs an arm, etc. But they’re well on their way…

I signed up for a Board Game Geek account and wasted a lot of time cataloguing all my games. Of course going through all those games got me to thinking about playing them and I also stumbled across these half-painted RoboRally figures… So I did a bit of work on them… they’re still not quite finished… but just about…

I also haven’t done an illustration for the Hero’s Gambit poster. I pulled out my pens and realized they were all thoroughly gummed up for lack or use and realized I haven’t gotten Photoshop or Illustrator … or any sort of graphics program on my new computer… yeha, not sure how I’m going to sort that out just yet…

So.. for June. Well in the It’s Good to Have a Plan I had set out to accomplish the following things in June:

1. Finish off any Chinese or Russians

2. Make moulds and start casting Bolsheviks

3. Start sculpting Indians inc. a new British officer figure, two Indian riflemen, one Indian Lewis-gunner, and a generic Indian crewman kneeling.

Well I think I’m on track and that’s all do-able. I have no Russians to finish off so that’s one less thing. I might cast another handful of Russians, when I cast the 6 odd Chinese, I need and paint them up as White Russians in Chinese service. I’ll just add finishing off the SPAD to the “Finish off Chinese category”…

Finishing and making moulds of Bolsheviks should be no problem. Nor should getting started on Indians….

If I get ahead of myself I’ll maybe try and paint a few pirates and make a couple pirate ships.

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  1. Speaking of Cowboys, have you seen Cowboys: The Way of the Gun? It started shipping this week and should be done by Saturday. It looks kinda neat and screams for metal cowboys. The original plan was to use miniatures but to cut costs they are doing standups.

    My copy should be here by the end of the month...